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  1. A still from the Emmy-award winning hit TV show - The Office

    Commentary: Being funny at work can be good for your career

    Research suggests humour can be effective for managers as well as staff, but there are risks to being funny at work, says one observer from the ...
  2. New Content Item

    Commentary: Employers baffled by dual-income couples with joint ambitions

    Technology has made it easier for dual-career couples to juggle work and family, but that's no reason for bosses to harbour decades-old ...
  3. Yale-NUS College graduation

    Commentary: True grit is a key predictor of success

    Staying power to see things through helps predict success and might be a skill that can be taught, says one observer from the Financial Times.
  4. crowds london people walking

    Commentary: Remember the stupidity of crowds

    Over-use of public engagement and online polls risks undermining core messages, says an observer from the Financial Times.