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  1. Man in his twenties working on a laptop.

    Commentary: Are you better off working from home than in the office?

    With open-plan offices, dual-income households and the need for deep thinking, might you be more productive working from home? RMIT’s Carys Chan ...
  2. man, candidate, preparing for job interview

    Commentary: The generalist-specialist job distinction is holding many back

    It’s time to move beyond the generalist–specialist debate to focus on developing the critical skills needed for organisations to thrive in the ...
  3. Every year in Japan, long working hours are blamed for dozens of deaths due to strokes, heart

    Commentary: What’s behind burnout? Confusing long hours and face time for work performance

    Recognising burnout as a syndrome is a good first step, but more needs to be done to stem its corrosive root causes, say RMIT’s Carys Chan and ...
  4. A man tired from working in the office. (Photo: Pixabay)

    Commentary: Grey areas surrounding wrongful dismissal guidelines

    The tripartite guidelines are a noble effort but no guideline can fix unconscious bias, indirect discrimination and bullying, say management ...
  5. Sick day

    Commentary: Why do employers still insist on an MC for staff who call in sick?

    Employees should be given some flexibility to call in sick without providing a medical certificate, say two observers.
  6. coworking space

    Commentary: Don’t fall prey to the seductive lure of fancy co-working spaces

    Co-working spaces emerged as social experiments conducted a decade ago but it is still premature to conclude they are advantageous on the whole, ...
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: Of course commuting shouldn’t count as work hours

    A survey shows more are checking and sending work emails on their commutes on the way to work and back, but that's no reason to move towards ...
  8. working office laptop smartphone woman typing

    Commentary: Despite flexible work arrangements, work stress has worsened

    Technology-enabled flexible working has exacerbated work-life imbalance. Work now extends far beyond the office, say two observers
  9. workers Singapore file

    Commentary: Why a five-hour work day is a double-edged sword

    Shorter working hours can boost productivity and offer a healthier work-life balance, but it's not for everyone, say three organisational ...
  10. Office workers at Raffles Place (1)

    Commentary: Let's review our assumptions about work-life balance

    Successfully managing our work-life balance can lead to better well-being but we need to first appreciate the complex relationship between work ...