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  1. Elderly man using mobile phone

    Commentary: Fewer golden years as fertility drops and life expectancy rises

    Longer lifespans have lengthened the number of years people spend in retirement, which should prompt governments to think about how to manage the ...
  2. Elderly girl Singapore

    Commentary: Grandparents are increasingly indispensable

    There are more grandparents in the world now and having them around allow mutual support, and help with childcare, says one observer.
  3. baby infant child newborn hand holding illustration

    Commentary: A demographic deficit emerges, as global fertility rates decline

    Around the world, fertility rates are reaching below replacement levels, a problem apparent in developed countries, amidst shrinking workforces ...
  4. couple in bed (from pixabay, no credit required)

    Commentary: Adultery is wrong but still prevalent

    Surveys show solid disapproval of adultery in every country yet it remains prevalent. Marriage isn’t the permanent or sacred institution it was, ...
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    Commentary: The flu, a global threat the world is poorly prepared for

    A universal flu vaccine may hold the key but until then, countries need to press on with immunisation programmes, says one health expert.