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Brooke Masters

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Cruise Lines-Alaska

    Commentary: Cruises face choppy voyage back to profitability

    After more than a year of near total shutdown, companies will need months to retrain and vaccinate crews and reactivate ships, says the Financial ...
  2. File photo of a man in a suit walking down the street

    Commentary: For all their fine words, CEOs aren’t sharing the pain

    Some companies have been playing fast and loose with pay rules to reward top executives when targets were missed, says the Financial Times’ Brooke ...
  3. Grab US SPAC Merger

    Commentary: Grab’s blockbuster deal comes at questionable time for SPAC market

    Some special acquisition purpose company deals are genuinely innovative, but others feel like the last days of a bubble, says the Financial Times’ ...
  4. Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad re-opened investigations into the 1MDB affair last year and pressure

    Commentary: Goldman has done it again with its 1MDB Malaysia deal

    It is a sleight of hand that Goldman will fork out US$2.5 billion, while the Malaysian Government will drop criminal charges against the bank, ...
  5. graduate economy

    Commentary: What a lousy time to graduate, what an unfair handicap for graduating students

    This year’s graduates are entering the worst economy since the Great Depression, says the Financial Times' Brooke Masters.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: McDonald’s and the perils of wooing at work

    Companies are tightening their policies on office romances and sexual misconduct finally, says the Financial Times' Brooke Masters.
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: You know who should study the Boeing 737 crashes? Driverless car makers

    The two disasters serve as a warning for industries, including self-driving cars where technology is taking over, says the Financial Times' Brooke ...