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CASE issues warning on 5 beauty businesses that use pressure sales tactics

CASE issues warning on 5 beauty businesses that use pressure sales tactics

A promotional roadshow by Nail Palace. (Photo: Facebook/Nail Palace)

SINGAPORE: The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) on Friday (Jul 26) warned consumers about companies in the beauty industry that use aggressive "pressure sales tactics" on customers.

CASE said it continued to receive complaints about five businesses - Ecoin, Joyre, Nail Palace, Salon One Beauty and Tokyo Bust Express - even after it had issued warning letters to remind them that exerting undue pressure or influence on customers is an unfair practice.

CASE received 1,829 complaints against the beauty industry in 2018 and of these, 344 were about pressure sales tactics. This is an 18 per cent increase from the previous year.

“CASE takes a serious view against entities who persist in egregious conduct in their push for a sale transaction,” it said.

Of the five businesses highlighted, Tokyo Bust Express had the most complaints lodged against them between Jan 1, 2017 to Jun 30, 2019, with 37.

Warning letters were issued to the companies that had complaints lodged against them. CASE has also entered into Voluntary Compliance Agreements with some entities, where they agree to cease pressuring customers.

CASE said it is monitoring them and will refer errant retailers to the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore for investigation.

In its advisory, the association also reminded customers that they have the right to decline and walk away when pressured to purchase products or services.

CASE advised customers to beware of "special discount" or "one-time only" offers, as staff may use these to push packages.

“Consumers who encounter such pressure sales tactics can approach CASE for assistance,” it added.

Source: CNA/ga(hm)


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