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Poh Heng showcases traditional-meets-modern Peranakan stories with new Legacy collection

Local gold jeweller traces its Peranakan heritage and unveils a line decorated with elegant florals and stately flair. Brought to you by Poh Heng

The ‘anak’ in Peranakan refers to a child or descendant, and so it is fitting that Singapore’s pioneering jeweller Poh Heng pays tribute to its lineage with its latest collection – Poh Heng Legacy.

Drawing upon its rich archive of Peranakan jewellery since the 1940s, the company commemorates more than half a century of design by encapsulating the colourful heritage in a distinctive selection. This line gives nod to the roots of its founder and not only celebrates a remarkable ancestry but also its role in our nation’s history, encouraging all Singaporean women to wear their story.


Beginning with a journey in the 15th century bearing hopes from southern China, the early Peranakan was a hybrid Southeast Asian culture with Chinese, Malay and Indian origins. The creole culture can be seen in many aspects of Singapore living, and today, the distinct elegance and vivacity from this Straits Chinese culture are evoked through the iconic emblem of floral tiles.

Combining this tale of journey with Poh Heng’s own, or more specifically for founder Chng Tok Ngam’s own compelling history, the contemporary interpretation is an ode to tradition retold, with brilliant diamonds in splendid 18K gold that form an exquisite constellation.


Founded in 1948, Poh Heng’s mark on local goldsmithing and design has been marked by several milestones. Over the 70 years of business, the brand has created inspiring collections to notable acclaim, including flagship gold pieces for ORO22 in 2006 and luxury solitaire diamond jewellery for Trust Diamond in 2017.

The painstaking contribution of its master craftsmen was also honoured in 2011 in a campaign called Era of Decadence. It is this unyielding dedication to artisanal workmanship that distinguishes every Poh Heng piece. This is also reflected in the newest Legacy Collection.


The Peranakan household is incomplete without the colourful presence of their ceramic tiles. The juxtaposition of resilience and grace comes together in these enduring icons, as they weather the elements without losing any of their decorative beauty.

Often featuring floral motifs, the tiles have inspired resident Singaporean designer, Ms Celine Goh, to create a timeless collection that melds classic baroque Peranakan with contemporary simplicity.

The delightful array of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets all render two motifs within the design – Legacy Floral and Legacy Tile – for outstanding heirlooms that let you #wearyourstory.

The four-petalled flower becomes the centrepiece for Legacy Floral, and nothing brings this out more than the Poh Heng Legacy Floral Necklace. Featuring 36 Floral Legacy motifs glowing with brilliant diamonds and 18K gold, the regal piece is a show-stopper.

Equally opulent is the Poh Heng Legacy Floral Bracelet. A dozen Legacy motifs link each other, again embellished in diamonds and 18K gold for an elegant finish. Richly decorated but with an updated ease, the accent piece exudes stunning refinement.


With a bold square frame, the Legacy Tile design cuts a striking silhouette as an accessory. For the Poh Heng Legacy Tile Ring, the band sits like an eye-catching beacon on your finger. The tile motif is highlighted with brilliant diamonds peeking between the lacework design. This is then set on an 18K gold band for a stunning finish.

Creating some drama for the face are the Poh Heng Legacy Tile Earrings. Featuring the same tile motif and sparkling with diamonds, they dangle at the end of a sleek catch and elegantly finish any outfit.

Reflecting upon the importance of nation-preserving, the collection distills the unique beauty of Peranakan culture and Poh Heng founder’s enduring chronicles into pieces that recall remarkable legacy. To witness these pieces that speak of regal elegance and supple strength, visit any Poh Heng boutique today.


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