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For drivers, adapting to the new normal means playing it safe — and smart

Digital tech has aided our collective battle against an ongoing pandemic. For drivers, the latest safety feature is now an app that lets you make contactless payment.

For drivers, adapting to the new normal means playing it safe — and smart

The CaltexGO app allows customers to pay for their petrol without leaving their vehicle, a convenient and safer – given the COVID-19 pandemic – option for customers. Photo: Caltex

Not long ago, driver safety meant taking the usual precautions, like following speed limits, checking one’s blind spot before a lane change and always wearing a seatbelt. It all boiled down to avoiding a crash or, if not, surviving one. But in the new normal brought about by COVID-19, driver safety has taken on an added dimension – making payment contactless where possible.

The ability to pay for groceries, food and fuel through smartphone apps is perfectly suited for the ongoing pandemic. The need for social distancing has accelerated the adoption of tech solutions that help people adapt to the new normal and they have now become a part of our daily routines.

For example, it’s become almost second nature to check in at your destination with the SafeEntry app. That small habit is enabling more than 2.1 million users to help fight the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact tracing.

A recent initiative to help 18,000 hawker stall owners adopt SGQR codes for e-payment is another way digitalisation is minimising the need to physically handle cash, making transactions safer.

Likewise, the CaltexGO app enables drivers to pay for fuel from the comfort of their vehicle. Paying for fuel with the app is a simple matter of linking a credit card to the app, filling up, entering a pump number, and tapping “pay now”.


This convenience has become part of a new normal for CaltexGO users.

“I usually encounter long queues when paying for petrol at the cashier, so I was very curious to find out how CaltexGO works, and how easy it is to make payment with the app,” said motorist Chen Wei Li. “Since switching to CaltexGO, I save a few minutes each time I visit Caltex. It may not sound like a lot of time saved but that added bit of convenience makes a big difference in my experience at Caltex.”

Enabling drivers to make contactless fuel payment from the comfort and safety of their vehicles has become an important benefit of CaltexGO. “The app was launched in 2018 with the aim of increasing customer convenience,” said Mr Jay Gomez, general manager of products for Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. “Even with the enhanced cleaning and disinfecting measures enforced at our stations, opting for contactless payment is one of the simplest ways to protect yourself and your loved ones”. 


Yet, that initial aim to boost convenience with an app means that CaltexGO has developed into far more than a phone-fuel-go system.

The app now lets users automatically earn and redeem their LinkPoints for rewards, such as fuel discounts, on the spot. It also serves exclusive in-app offers to users. For example, using CaltexGO for the first time means getting a 20-per-cent upfront fuel discount with no minimum spend.

Personalised offers and navigational help to the nearest Caltex station offer each user a unique experience.

In addition, the app generates electronic receipts so users can keep track of their fuel expenditure.

While CaltexGO was initially created as a smarter way to pay for fuel, the app has become one of many that has its place in our collective battle against a pandemic.

“Being able to pay for fuel without the need to interact with people and reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19 was a large benefit to me,” said Ms Chen. “It’s another reason why drivers should consider using this app more often.”

Find out more about how CaltexGO can make your motoring more convenient – and safer.


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