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Indonesian celebrities join forces to help others affected by COVID-19

The #SasaGotYourBack campaign aims to help disabled Indonesian workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Indonesian celebrities join forces to help others affected by COVID-19

Hamish Daud and Aurelie Moeremans are some of the Indonesian celebrities lending their voices to the #SasaGotYourBack campaign. Photo: Sasa3

Indonesia's economy has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many companies in the retail, food and beverage and manufacturing sectors being forced to close and large numbers of workers retrenched.

Informal sectors of the economy – like freelance and gig workers – have also not been spared.

According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics from February 2019, there are 9.91 million people with disabilities currently at work. Most of them are working in the informal sector and living from pay cheque to pay cheque. This number is expected to fall drastically due to job losses brought about by the pandemic.


To help unite Indonesians in the fight against COVID-19, SASA, launched the #SASAGotYourBack campaign. Sasa is an Indonesian food and seasoning brand that sells items like coconut milk, condiments and seasoning flour. It is also helping disabled Indonesian workers through the portal.

In the early part of this year, SASA distributed care packages that included hand sanitisers, masks and SASA products. Packages were also given to people who could not work from home.

SASA continued its efforts with the #SasaGotYourBack Vol 2 campaign, which ran from Oct 12-30. It encouraged people to submit their particulars on to qualify for a chance to receive a special care package containing disinfectant, hand sanitiser in a special pouch, shopping bag, Biore handwash, MEG Cheddar and several SASA products.

This campaign symbolises how Indonesians and SASA can help others, especially people with disabilities who were retrenched. The #SasaGotYourBack Vol 2 campaign was endorsed by Indonesian celebrities. Here’s what some of them had to say about the importance of helping this group.


The husband of popular Indonesian singer Raisa, Hamish invited his Instagram followers to help retrenched disabled workers through the #SasaGotYourBack campaigns.

“The pandemic has us in a bind. Some people lost their job in this crisis,” he said.

Hamish urged his followers to contribute to the greater good and reminded them to invite their friends and family to join the #SasaGotYourBack Vol 2 campaign.


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Halo teman-teman semua, apa kabar? semoga kalian selalu dalam keadaan sehat. Saya mau mengajak kalian untuk melakukan charity, dan caranya gampang sekali. Cukup mengikuti step yang ada dibawah ini dan berpartisipasi dalam activity dari SASA Got Your Back. Charity nya nanti akan dikirim melalui untuk para saudara kita yang dalam masa pandemi ini kehilangan pekerjaannya. Tunjukan kepedulianmu dengan berpartisipasi dalam #SasaGotYourBack . Caranya: 1. Buka link 2. Masukkan data diri kalian dengan benar dan lengkap 3. Tuliskan sasaxchefnorman di kolom verifikasi 4. Tulis pesan/komen kamu terkait #SasaGotYourBack 5. Share Thank You Page ke Instagram/FB kamu dan tag akun @kreasisasa & @sasamelezatkan Sasa juga akan mengirimkan Care Kit SasaGotYourBack buat kalian yang beruntung. Yuk saling berbela rasa untuk hadapi pandemi ini bersama. #SasaGotYourBack #sasaxchefnorman @kreasisasa @sasamelezatkan

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A veteran of the Indonesian culinary scene, Chef Norman Ismail is best known for hosting TV programmes. Chef Norman said that to get through this tough time, giving to those in need is a must.

He added that because of the pandemic, many people may feel overwhelmed, and everyone needs to band together to relieve the pent-up stress.

"Let's help people with disabilities who got laid off through #SasaGotYourBack campaign," he said.


The Menunggu Pagi actress said that this is the time to take action and give back to those in need. 

"What makes me sad is that there are many people in need who got laid off," she said.

"Though small, this campaign has a wide-reaching impact on those in need. Please lend a hand to people with disabilities that got laid off through SasaGotYourBack," she said.


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Hi temen2, aku mau sharing sesuatu. Sebagian dari kita mungkin beruntung karena masih ada pekerjaan tapi banyak juga dari teman-teman kita yang harus kehilangan mata pencahariannya. Aku lagi ada kerjasama dengan Campaign Sasa Got Your Back, mau mengajak kalian membantu temen-temen kita yang belum beruntung. Caranya cukup tuliskan data diri kalian di dengan menuliskan "sasaxalyssa" di kolom verifikasi yaa. Tulis pesan/komen kamu untuk #SasaGotYourBack & jangan lupa share Thank You Page ke Instagram/FB kamu, serta tag akun @kreasisasa & @sasamelezatkan Partisipasi kamu ditunggu sampai 30 Oktober ya! �� Sasa juga akan mengirimkan Care Kit SasaGotYourBack buat kalian yang beruntung. Yuk saling berbela rasa untuk hadapi pandemi ini bersama ������ #SasaGotYourBack #SASAXALYSSA

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The girlfriend of musician Al Ghazali, Alyssia Daguise invited her fans to care for others through the #SasaGotYourBack Vol 2 campaign.

"Some may be lucky because they still have a job, but many others have lost theirs," she said. "What we as a nation can do is take care of one another. With this, we can pick ourselves up together. Let's help those with disabilities through the #SasaGotYourBack campaign," she said.

The compassion shown by these celebrities and their contribution have inspired many. The act of giving is not bound to one form of donation or act, and the campaign is meant to encourage everyone to help in whatever way they can.

Through #SasaGotYourBack, SASA is not only directly helping those in need but also inspiring others to care about people in need.

Visit the website to find out how you can help other Indonesians who have been hard hit by the pandemic.


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