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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S2: How Singapore makes "informed" bets in cutting-edge research to solve climate issues | EP 21

The Climate Conversations
22 Jan 2021 06:05AM
28 mins

Governments worldwide are ploughing millions of dollars on emerging technology to find solutions against the impacts of climate change. What are the promising innovations Singapore is working on? Can alternative energy sources like hydrogen become a reality? This week, Jaime Ho speaks to Low Teck Seng, CEO of the National Research Foundation (NRF) who gives an in-depth look into how the toughest problems of climate change can be addressed through research, science and technology.

The Climate Conversations - S2: Will palm oil ever be as sustainable as it is essential? | EP 58

Palm oil is so versatile, it's found in half of packaged foods. It's also been identified as a driver for deforestation, when swaths of forests are cleared to make way for lucrative plantations. How has the industry tackled growing pressures to become more sustainable? How are smallholder farmers who earn a living from palm oil supported? And does sustainable palm oil mean higher prices for…

03/12/2021 28 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: What’s your video streaming got to do with climate change? We look at data centres and sustainability | EP 57

From streaming a movie on Netflix, to e-commerce and e-banking, we rely on data centres to process and communicate information at lightning speeds. Yet they are energy and water guzzlers. How are governments balancing the lucrative opportunity of building more data centres but also managing their large electricity footprint? And what does an eco-friendly data center look like? Jaime Ho speaks…

25/11/2021 22 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: COP26 report card: Progress but yet more room for improvement? | EP 56

Just what did the most important climate conference since Paris in 2015 achieve? What did nearly 200 countries commit to and where did they fall below expectations? Have a few cans been kicked down the road to Egypt next year even if countries cannot afford a minute to waste? Jaime Ho gets Melissa Low, Research Fellow at the NUS Energy Studies Institute to give us her take.

18/11/2021 35 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: Voices at COP26 in Glasgow: A collision of passion and pragmatism? | EP 55

In a special edition, CNA's climate correspondent Jack Board reports on COP26 from Glasgow. While world leaders and corporate executives huddle in halls and on stages to decide the future of the Earth, he speaks to people who are clamouring for change but have been shut out from having a seat at the table: An indigenous group mother-and-daughter duo from the Philippines, a young man who gave…

12/11/2021 23 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: How achievable is Malaysia's 2050 net zero emissions target? | EP 54

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced the country's goal of reaching net zero as early as 2050. Plans include ending new coal-fired power plants, increasing renewable energy capacity and adopting carbon tax. What are the challenges with implementation? What does it mean for Malaysia’s economy, and role of sectors such as fossil fuels and palm oil? Jaime Ho speaks to Hezri Adnan,…

05/11/2021 21 mins