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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S2: Insurance in a world of climate change: Measuring and pricing risk for businesses and people | EP 36

The Climate Conversations
28 May 2021 06:02AM
19 mins

What role does climate insurance play for corporations, governments and business owners who will be faced with the impacts of climate change? How will these risks be decided and who will pay for them? Jaime Ho speaks to Antonio Grimaldi, partner at McKinsey & Company.

The Climate Conversations - S2: What’s a 'greenfluencer' and what do they do in championing climate action? | EP 49

In 2019, passionate young people organised the SG Climate Rally. But with COVID-19, activism has leaned even further towards social media. But how far can it really go in driving climate action? Jaime Ho speaks to Woo Qiyun who runs the Instagram page The Weird and Wild for her take on how her brand of activism works, and on the challenges and opportunities behind this new virtual activism.

16/09/2021 21 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: The green consumer paradox: Can we walk the talk on sustainability? | EP 48

We live in a world where the boom in e-commerce allows us to buy anything we want and have it delivered within the day. Yet we have also awoken to the impact of climate change, and the need to reduce waste and embrace sustainability. So how do we square this circle? Is there a gap between purpose and action? Is it about buying “greener” or just buying less? Jaime Ho speaks to Sharon Ng,…

10/09/2021 24 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: Can our homes be part of net-zero emissions ambitions? | EP 47

The home of the future is going to be a sustainable and a smart one so everyone can help reduce carbon emissions. Solar panels on the roof, appliances that conserve energy when not in use and a smart system that tells you how much you've consumed. How soon can these become a reality, how much would they cost and what about the challenge of retrofitting old buildings? Jaime Ho speaks to Manish…

02/09/2021 23 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: The future so green: Talking to the young who will fill the climate and sustainability jobs of tomorrow | EP 46

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment has plans to create 55,000 new and upgraded jobs over the next 10 years. These plans need people but what are the skills and knowledge needed? Will passion and pay finally meet for future roles in sustainability? Jaime Ho speaks to two young guests who have already dipped their toes into this green future - Benedict Tan who majored in…

27/08/2021 24 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: It’s a 'code red for humanity', but what next after the IPCC’s latest report on the health of our planet? | EP 45

The 6th Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that things are bleak and the time to fix it is fast running out. Jaime Ho speaks to Winston Chow, Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society at Singapore Management University and a contributor to the report, on what more governments, businesses and people can do to avoid the worst that will…

19/08/2021 29 mins