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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S1: The politics and path forward for international cooperation on climate mitigation|Ep 7

The Climate Conversations
02 Oct 2020 06:05AM
24 mins

On the heels of China’s announcement on new targets for peaking emissions and reaching carbon neutrality, we get down to the basics of how nations work towards keeping their climate change commitments, how national interests come into play and what the sticking points are, in coming up with a plan everyone can agree to. 

The Climate Conversations - S1: How climate change is messing with your food | EP 18

What do extreme weather, changes in temperature and sea levels have to do with our vegetables, eggs, chicken and fish? In this episode, food security expert Dr Paul Teng talks to Jaime Ho about how Singapore, which imports 90 per cent of its food, tackles food insecurity, the emerging alternative meat industry and the role individuals can play.

17/12/2020 24 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: Forests, mangroves and trees: Embracing “natural solutions” to the climate crisis | EP 17

The focus has always been on human-engineered solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. However, so-called nature-based solutions - protecting forests, restoring swamps and planting trees to name a few - are just as critical. In this episode, Director of the Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions Prof Koh Lian Pin speaks to Jaime Ho about why conserving and fortifying our natural…

10/12/2020 19 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: Getting Big Oil to make the big transition: Challenges and opportunities |EP 16

Oil and gas companies have powered the globe for centuries, but they have also played a significant role in producing carbon emissions. This week, Dave Sivaprasad of the Boston Consulting Group talks to Jaime Ho about what these companies have done to mitigate their impact, the tough pivot towards a new energy-efficient world and how the pace of change is quickening.

03/12/2020 21 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: Colossal changes in our oceans in a rapidly warming world |EP 15

What have rising temperatures, increasing sea levels and changing chemistries in the water to do with our intense weather, our food and our future as a small island state? Jaime Ho finds out from Dr Benjamin Horton how the seas, which are central to a stable climate, may be spinning out of control, leading to bigger storms and weather extremes.

26/11/2020 30 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: Grace Fu on why she hopes to be a climate change champion | EP 14

She took over the newly formed Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment in July. Five months into her new role, Ms Fu talks to Jaime Ho about why sustainability will be at the heart of government policies and why shifting towards sustainability is less of a choice than a necessity for Singapore today. 

19/11/2020 35 mins