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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations

You have heard about climate change. But what does it mean and how does it impact us? This podcast looks into the issues related to the science and impact of climate change, as well as the policy, technology and finance behind climate action and adaptation. Each week, we talk to experts who help us understand one of the most pressing challenges facing humankind.

The Climate Conversations - S1: Just how will a Biden presidency move US and global action on climate change?

As part of his campaign platforms, President-elect of the United States Joe Biden outlined bold climate action. How will they eventually come to pass and how will he see them through? Melissa Low discusses this with Jaime Ho in this week’s The Climate Conversations podcast.

12/11/2020 23 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: Singapore’s electricity experiment: What the trial to import it from Malaysia means | EP 12

This week, Jaime Ho speaks to NUS Energy Studies Institute’s Philip Andrews-Speed about the nuts and bolts of Singapore’s trial to import electricity from Malaysia, what this means for Singapore’s quest for cleaner energy, and what could be ahead for the country’s carbon emissions.

05/11/2020 15 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: What is corporate climate action and why companies need a paradigm shift | EP 11

This week Jaime Ho speaks to the Forum for the Future about the business of sustainability, what companies can do and what is stopping them from taking the leap in addressing climate change.

29/10/2020 18 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: How do planes, trains and automobiles – and ships – factor into carbon emissions, and how are they getting greener? | EP 10

Jaime Ho speaks to Sanjay Kuttan about the way we travel and the energy it takes to help us get from point A to B, as well as how electric vehicles, cleaner fuel and the larger picture of how cities are designed can move people in a more climate friendly way.

22/10/2020 26 mins

The Climate Conversations - S1: Tackling climate change through the lens of Singapore’s young activists | EP 9

This week Jaime Ho speaks to two young Singaporeans who are advocates for stronger climate action. They talk about what issues drive them, what their style of activism is and why they are not afraid of asking tough questions.

15/10/2020 35 mins