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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations

A brand new season looks past promises and policy and into people and practices in meeting the challenges of climate change. Each week, we talk to experts who help us understand one of the most pressing issues facing humankind.

The Climate Conversations - S2: From new trade routes to international cooperation: Beyond rising sea levels, what’s happening as Arctic ice melts

Decades of relentless carbon emissions have affected one region more severely than any other – the Arctic. As ice melts at an unprecedented rate, humans and wildlife have already been affected. What needs to be done there, and are there also opportunities? Jaime Ho speaks to Arctic researcher Hema Nadarajah.

03/02/2022 23 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: Green hydrogen - getting from pipe dream to a potential fuel for the future

Hydrogen, a simple and abundant element, has vast potential to become an alternative energy source. But extracting it is not always green nor affordable, not to mention the challenges of storage and transportation. Jaime Ho speaks to Frederic Carron, Vice President, Middle East & Asia, Energy Business, Wartsila on what it all means, and what’s in store for the potential of green hydrogen.

28/01/2022 21 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: Why there's urgency - and financial returns - in greening Singapore's real estate | EP 61

Green and sustainable buildings have become an urgent corporate priority. What materials to use, how to get a net zero building off the ground and whether it'll be resilient to the worsening impacts of climate change are questions being asked in the real estate sector. Khoo Teng Chye, former URA chief planner and current Asia Pacific chair of the Urban Land Institute tells Jaime Ho that despite

20/01/2022 31 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: In Malaysia, will historic floods bring climate adaptation even more clearly into focus? | EP 60

At least 50 people died and thousands more saw their homes washed away in recent floods that hit Peninsula Malaysia. Could more have been done on flood management? How can politics, finance, data and technology come together to deal with more frequent, intense and potentially unpredictable storms? Jaime Ho speaks to Renard Siew, Climate Change Adviser to the Centre for Governance and Political

13/01/2022 20 mins

The Climate Conversations - S2: How does a protected UNESCO World Heritage forest emit more carbon instead of absorbing it? |EP 59

Forests worldwide are crucial to our fight against climate change but researchers have found that 10 UNESCO World Heritage forests are now emitting more carbon than they absorb. How did the world’s most protected forests get to this stage? Can the damage be reversed to restore them as carbon sinks? What is the impact of national efforts and international commitments like those made at COP26? Jaime

09/12/2021 19 mins