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CNA Correspondent

CNA Correspondent - How worried should we be over treated nuclear wastewater from Fukushima?

CNA Correspondent
13 Sep 2023 08:12AM
18 mins

Fukushima will long be linked with the wrecked nuclear facility that bears the prefecture’s name. Treated wastewater from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is now being pumped into the Pacific Ocean and will continue to flow for decades to come. CNA’s Michiyo Ishida tells Teresa Tang what she saw when she visited for a media tour. 

CNA Correspondent - Malaysia’s state elections show the sand shifting under Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s feet

Billed as a referendum on Anwar Ibrahim's leadership and his Unity Government, the results of the recent elections in six states exposed an exodus of Malay voters to the opposition Perikatan Nasional coalition. CNA's Melissa Goh and Afifah Ariffin talk to Steve Lai about where it’s going wrong for the prime minister and where he goes from here. 

22/08/2023 23 mins

CNA Correspondent - How the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea ran into trouble even before Typhoon Khanun hit

43,000 Scouts from 158 countries arrived in South Korea expecting 12 days of learning, fellowship and fun. What they didn’t bargain for were inadequate facilities, an unbearable heatwave and an approaching typhoon that forced an evacuation. CNA’s Lim Yun Suk talks to Steve Lai about how things went south. 

15/08/2023 20 mins

CNA Correspondent - Malaysia’s State Elections: Will political tides shift and put a dent in Anwar’s government?

Six states in Malaysia go to the polls on Aug 12 with 245 state assembly seats up for grabs. CNA correspondents Melissa Goh and Afifah Ariffin preview the upcoming elections and the issues voters are grappling with which will put the unity government to the test. 

08/08/2023 29 mins

CNA Correspondent - From TV series to social change: Taiwan’s #MeToo movement

Fear and a lack of faith in the justice system often prevent many sexual harassment victims from coming forward. But a Netflix series in Taiwan is changing that. Taiwan correspondent Victoria Jen tells host Teresa Tang what’s behind the island’s #MeToo movement. 

01/08/2023 11 mins

CNA Correspondent - What’s weighing on China’s post-pandemic rebound

It’s been six months since China dropped its zero-COVID policy and reopened its borders. But recovery has been uneven on the mainland and for its major markets. CNA’s Low Minmin, Deborah Wong and Tung Ngo talk about economic hopes despite the lag with Teresa Tang in this episode.

04/07/2023 21 mins