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Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter - S1: GE2020: What it means for the PAP, the opposition and Singapore politics

Heart of the Matter
14 Jul 2020 04:50PM
26 mins

Singaporeans awoke on Saturday (Jul 11) to find the People’s Action Party firmly in power with 83 seats but with a slide in their vote share and the loss of Sengkang GRC to the Workers’ Party. What do the results reveal about what Singaporeans want of their government? What does it mean for the new PAP government and the role of the opposition going forward? Lin Suling sits down with political scientist Dr Lam Peng Er and Deputy Director at the Institute of Policy Studies Gillian Koh who give their take.

Heart of the Matter - S1: Battling baby blues: When do parents need professional help?

For new parents, particularly breastfeeding mums, the days and nights can become one incoherent blur. Why does postnatal depression happen? Might it start later and even affect dads? Lin Suling explores the big challenges that lurk beneath parenthood with new mother Elizabeth Quek and Associate Professor Helen Chen, Head and Senior Consultant of the Department of Psychological Medicine at KK…

17/06/2021 39 mins

Realities of divorce: Why some couples want to attribute blame while others want to move on

The Ministry of Social and Family Development has floated “an amicable divorce option” for public consultation. Couples can jointly file for a dissolution of marriage without assigning blame. But how does a no-fault divorce work? How different is this from how Family Justice Courts treat uncontested cases? And will it mean divorce becomes an easy option? Lin Suling speaks to family lawyer…

10/06/2021 26 mins

Hawker food was never meant for delivery apps: Makansutra's KF Seetoh and Hawkers United's Melvin Chew

Since COVID-19 hit, the people who fed a nation for decades have seen their fortunes tumble. In a world dominated with food apps, online delivery and cashless payment, going digital should be the norm but is no silver bullet. What's stopping hawkers? What's their future in a pandemic world? And will younger Singaporeans be discouraged from taking up this UNESCO-recognised craft? Lin Suling…

03/06/2021 29 mins

Heart of the Matter - S1: People behind hotlines: Dealing with the silent mental health pandemic

During the circuit breaker last year, calls to mental healthcare hotlines shot up - Singaporeans were stressed, anxious, lonely and struggling. Who are the people on the other end of the line who answer these anguished calls for help? How do they manage burnout and the burden of caring for those who call? Lin Suling speaks to Porsche Poh, Executive Director of Silver Ribbon Singapore, and Tan…

27/05/2021 31 mins

Heart of the Matter - S1: What is a viable business model for the news industry in Singapore?

For decades, the news industry had a watertight business model until the Internet and social media swept advertising and other revenue streams away. How can news organisations keep afloat and fulfill their mission of providing credible and timely journalism? Lin Suling finds out from Elmie Nekmat, Associate Professor, and Natalie Pang, Senior Lecturer, both from the NUS Department of…

20/05/2021 27 mins


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