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Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter - S2: People behind hotlines: Dealing with the silent mental health pandemic

Heart of the Matter
27 May 2021 04:57PM
31 mins

During the circuit breaker last year, calls to mental healthcare hotlines shot up - Singaporeans were stressed, anxious, lonely and struggling. Who are the people on the other end of the line who answer these anguished calls for help? How do they manage burnout and the burden of caring for those who call? Lin Suling speaks to Porsche Poh, Executive Director of Silver Ribbon Singapore, and Tan Li Jen, Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist and Deputy Head of the National CARE Hotline at the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Heart of the Matter - S2: If Singapore contributes just a fraction of global emissions, what's the point of climate activism here?

Youth-led climate action has mushroomed in Singapore in the last decade and activists are unafraid to make their voices heard. But can they make a real, practical difference in what is their generation's existential crisis? NUS student Ng Chia Wee and CNA's Lin Suling put unpopular opinions to Singapore Youth for Climate Action's Nor Lastrina Hamid and SMU's Dr Winston Chow.

20/01/2022 42 mins

Heart of the Matter - S2: Spamming employers with generic CVs, not negotiating salary – everything you’re doing wrong on the job hunt

Do you spam resumes or tailor each one? Should you negotiate your salary? Do having contacts help? Even as the economy finds its footing amid the pandemic, the job market remains tough for fresh grads. How can first-time jobseekers increase their chances of landing their dream job? Lin Suling and guest co-host, Nicholas Sim, get tips, tricks, dos and don’ts from regular CNA commentary…

13/01/2022 40 mins

Heart of the Matter - S2: COVID-19 vaccinations for kids aged 5 to 11: Unpacking the data, parental fears and social pressures

Singapore has already placed orders for paediatric vaccines, trials are planned for at KK Hospital and the multi-ministry task force will announce its decision soon. Yet, among some parents there seems to be a niggling fear despite clinical trials showing good outcomes for children aged five to 11.
Lin Suling sits down with Dr Lim Yang Chern, Paediatrician at Thomson Paediatric Centre,…

18/11/2021 40 mins

Heart of the Matter - S2: Guilty purchases and packaging waste in huge Singles’ Day online sales

The rise of e-commerce has been nothing short of spectacular on the back of a pandemic. Yet, as the biggest climate conference COP26 takes place in Glasgow, how do staggering online shopping figures sit with a growing consciousness over sustainability, packaging waste and unnecessary consumption? What does a sustainable Singles’ Day look like if not lower sales or fewer advertisements to…

11/11/2021 23 mins

Heart of the Matter - S2: Protecting food deliverers and other gig workers: Grab Singapore's managing director answers the hard questions

Their numbers are not small and they take us where we want to go and deliver us food and groceries. As more turn to gig work amidst a pandemic, can platform companies treat them like employees with CPF top ups and insurance? But what impact would that have on bottom lines and will consumers pay higher prices? Lin Suling unpacks the complex topic of…

05/11/2021 29 mins