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Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter

You know the headlines. Now take a deeper dive into the Heart of the Matter with CNA each week as we talk to newsmakers and experts who give us their take on the some of the most talked about news developments.

Heart of the Matter - S1: Is it time to go after smokers who light up near the windows of their homes?

With more people confined to their homes, complaints about second-hand smoke have increased by 20 per cent. The divide is deep on this argument. On the one hand are those who suffer health issues or simple inconvenience when smokers puff by the window. On the other are those who say people should have the right to do what they want at home. Lin Suling speaks to Member of Parliament Louis Ng who is lobbying for legislation and Dr Yvette van der Eijk from the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health who gives a public health perspective.

22/10/2020 26 mins

Heart of the Matter - S1: iPhone 12 and Apple’s thinking behind advanced features

Apple has just launched the new iPhone 12 and fans are excited. We take a hard look at not just the latest phone Apple has rolled out but whether its playbook is looking tired, if 5G is all it is cracked out to be and how the world’s most valuable company can keep making money. Lin Suling speaks to IMD Business School’s LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation Howard Yu and Vice President of Client Devices research at IDC Bryan Ma.

15/10/2020 25 mins

Heart of the Matter - S1: Raising wages of Singapore's poorest earners: A hard look at the Progressive Wage Model

OCBC's Selena Ling and NUS Business School's Professor Sumit Agarwal share with CNA's Lin Suling their thoughts on the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) and how it differs from a minimum wage. We discuss what more can be done to increase the incomes of this group, raise their productivity and tackle inequality.

08/10/2020 29 mins

Heart of the Matter - S1: Returning to the office – can you say no?

With coronavirus community cases tapering down and with Phase 3 of Singapore’s reopening around the corner, is it time to reverse this biggest work-from-home experiment? Lin Suling speaks to EngageRocket CEO Leong Chee Tung and PeopleStrong Practice Leader Adrian Tan to find out why firms are urging workers to return to the office, what exceptions can be made for those concerned about the risks of catching COVID-19 and whether employers should pay for related expenses incurred to transform homes into workplaces since the circuit breaker.

01/10/2020 26 mins

Heart of the Matter - S1: Sexual offences, quotas and serving NS: K Shanmugam speaks frankly about women’s issues

After launching a series of public engagements on women’s issues in a move towards greater gender equality on Sunday (Sep 20), Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam sits down with Lin Suling to talk about gender relations, the law and sexual offences, and women in the workplace. He also gives his take on whether quotas would work and responds to comments about women serving National Service.

23/09/2020 29 mins