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Daily Cuts

Daily Cuts

The best interviews from CNA938 on current affairs, health, entertainment and money, curated daily.

Daily Cuts - Was the G20 a success for India's PM Narendra Modi?

Global leaders wrapped up the G20 Summit in New Delhi on Sunday, 10 Sept 2023 without the presence of Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin. Members agreed to soften the language for Ukraine given the deep divisions among them about the war. Meanwhile, the consensus achieved is a boost for India’s prime minister Narendra Modi. Mark Michelson, Chairman, Asia CEO forum, IMA Asia explains who's the big winner of this entire summit. 

11/09/2023 11 mins

Daily Cuts - Empowering special needs individuals

Thanks to a collaboration between SBS Transit and Metta School, special needs individuals will now find it easier to travel on public transport independently with confidence. Singapore Today’s Lance Alexander and Daniel Martin speak with Jeffrey Sim, SBS Transit's Group CEO. 

08/09/2023 8 mins

Daily Cuts - Water sommelier

If you think all water is the same, think again. Singapore Today’s Lance Alexander and Daniel Martin meet a water sommelier. Caryn Tang tells us what made her decide to be a water sommelier.

08/09/2023 11 mins

Daily Cuts - Backpacking Beyond the usual Mongolia

Melanie Oliveiro speaks with Scott Tay and Kavita Kaur, the co-founders behind Beyond Expeditions, a local outdoor adventure team. The company has brought many Singaporeans on off-the-beaten expeditions in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and many more, curating unforgettable experiences for many more. Beyond Expedition has also been championing many causes, by holding charity expeditions called “Beyond Limits”, where they've raised more than $180k so far. 

08/09/2023 17 mins

Daily Cuts - Who cares for the caregiver?

Melanie Oliveiro speaks with professional counsellor James Leong, founder of Listen Without Prejudice, about who cares for the caregiver. Caregiving – in a rapidly ageing population in Singapore - is going to accelerate even more as parents and caregivers themselves get older.  Unspoken issues like grief, unhealthy family dynamics and the importance of self-care are addressed in this weekly mental health edition of Made in SG.

08/09/2023 34 mins