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Good List/Bad List with Steve Lai

Good List/Bad List with Steve Lai - S1: The one about how bad COVID-19 is hitting rice bowls but is the planet getting a breather?

Good List/Bad List with Steve Lai
01 Apr 2020 06:10PM
29 mins

Up for consideration this week…

The realities of COVID-19 are starting to hit our rice bowls. Singapore’s Wage Council calls on employers NOT to cut jobs but how feasible is that on the ground?

Something that will be cut is ERP rates - at 96% of gantries, as road traffic declines amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Private car drivers, taxi-drivers and delivery folk will benefit but would it tempt Singaporeans to head out?

Recognizing those who are keeping us safe and stocked up in the battle against the coronavirus. Can a demonstration of gratitude go beyond clapping?

And reports of reduced air pollution levels around the world, with flights cancelled and people staying home because of COVID-19. Could this be the start of lasting change?

This week Steve is joined by Dawn Tan, host of Singapore Tonight that airs weekdays at 10pm and Lance Alexander, host of Singapore Today that airs weekdays from 5-8pm on CNA938.

If you’d like to get in touch to tell us what you thought of this week’s pod or have suggestions of what you think should be on our next episode then please email Steve at: digitalnews [at]

Good List/Bad List with Steve Lai - S1: Singapore is not returning to a pre-COVID-19 world

Up for discussion this week:
As we enter the worst recession on record, COVID-19 pushes Singapore to chart a new direction for a very different future.

Our National Day celebrations took the pomp and pageantry to the heartlands and one unexpected star came through. 

Also, planting crops and building wells, local volunteers in Indonesia take the lead in mitigating the…

12/08/2020 28 mins

Good List/Bad List with Steve Lai - S1: Small countries like Singapore can go big on climate change

Up for discussion this week:  

Climate change is real and small countries like Bhutan and Singapore are taking a stand to be on the right side of history.

Plus, suicide rates are on the rise, especially among those aged between 20-29 years old.

Also, a last look at NDP 2020 this weekend as we count the ways this year’s will be a memorable one.

And finally, do we…

05/08/2020 36 mins

Good List/Bad List with Steve Lai - S1: The Johor-Singapore Causeway opens for business, slowly.

Up for discussion this week:
The world’s busiest land border crossing flickers back to life as Singapore and Malaysia agree on terms for cross-border travel though daily commuters still have to wait a while longer.

Meanwhile, gold hits a record high, which means confidence in the economy is at a record low?

Also, the 1MDB saga is back in the spotlight as Malaysia’s former…

29/07/2020 27 mins

Good List/Bad List with Steve Lai - S1: Phase 2 new normal: Why some businesses can’t be saved

Up for discussion this week: The new normal of Phase 2 has hit some businesses in the Central Business District hard. Why do some adapt, while others are sinking?

Meanwhile, the National Day ‘Singapore Together Pack’ has been getting good reviews for being practical and useful. Have you collected yours?

The box jellyfish have been found in Singapore waters and they are deadly.…

22/07/2020 30 mins

Good List/Bad List with Steve Lai - S1: #GE2020: Thrills and spills of a live GE results show

Up for discussion this week:

We take you behind the scenes on how polling night unfolded in the CNA newsroom as Singapore held its General Election in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back to reality - the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of going away anytime soon. We look around the region and beyond as countries struggle to maintain second and third…

15/07/2020 28 mins