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Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter - S3E11: Hunt for global talent: Why can't Singaporeans fill top jobs?

Heart of the Matter - S3E11: Hunt for global talent: Why can't Singaporeans fill top jobs?
23 Sep 2022 06:55AM
37 mins

The new Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass (ONE Pass) plans to draw rainmakers globally. How is it different from other visas? Why do we need such talent now and how will they help Singaporean workers? Steven Chia gets answers from Manpower Minister Tan See Leng, co-founder of Carousell, Marcus Tan and Jaya Dass, managing director of Permanent Recruitment in Asia Pacific at Randstad.

Heart of the Matter - S3E7: 377A repeal: How could it become a messy affair?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's announcement repealing Section 377A during this year's National Day Rally was widely anticipated. Are matters about to get messier before they get clearer? What could make things worse for all the key stakeholders involved? Steven Chia rakes it over with Gillian Koh, Deputy Director (Research) at the Institute of Policy Studies, Terence Ho, Associate Professor in

25/08/2022 27 mins

Heart of the Matter - S3E6: Rising worker deaths: Is there a poor safety culture? | EP 6

Workplace accidents have been in the news and the numbers have been climbing. What’s driving this trend? Are companies cutting corners? Or is there a deeper issue with the safety culture? Steven Chia gets answers from Akbar Kader, Managing Director of Nan Guan Construction, Dipa Swaminathan, Founder of charity, ItsRainingRaincoats and Chong Kee Sen, Emeritus President of the Institution of

19/08/2022 33 mins

Heart of the Matter - S3E5: ‘Singapore is snobbish': Tommy Koh says confronting society's flaws is needed for new social compact

The Forward Singapore exercise was launched by DPM Lawrence Wong to review and refresh our social compact. As Singapore faces a new, post-pandemic future, what exactly should go into this social compact? What hard truths and tough conversations do we need to have? Steven Chia gets unfiltered views from three generations of Singaporeans: Ambassador at Large Professor Tommy Koh, President of PPIS

12/08/2022 37 mins

Heart of the Matter - S3E4: I preyed on people's emotions: An ex-scammer on how e-commerce scams happen

Millions of dollars change hands every day over online platforms in Singapore. But there's an ugly side to the  thriving e-commerce ecosystem as shown by a couple who allegedly cheated people out of their luxury items to the tune of S$32 million. Why does this happen? What motivates sellers to cheat? And what makes us believe them? Steven Chia gets the ins and outs from a former scammer and

05/08/2022 33 mins

Heart of the Matter - S3E3: Sexuality education in Singapore: A tale of conflicting needs?

Recently a school staff was reprimanded for using discriminatory information against the LGBTQ community during a sexuality education talk. Why is sexuality education critical for a generation that lives online? What should be taught and who should teach it? Steven Chia puts some uncomfortable questions to Associate Professor Jason Tan from the National Institute of Education, educational

29/07/2022 34 mins