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Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter - S2: Olympians Quah Ting Wen and Joan Poh open up on the pressures of elite sports

Heart of the Matter
12 Aug 2021 06:46PM
31 mins

One has been a competitive swimmer since 11 while the other switched out her nurse's uniform to train for hours on the water. Swimmer Quah Ting Wen and rower Joan Poh talk to Lin Suling about taking part in the unprecedented Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the extraordinary pressures of competing for international sporting glory, dealing with criticism and why despite it all, they will always choose the tougher life of an elite athlete.

Heart of the Matter - S2: COVID-19 vaccinations: Should they be made mandatory?

Singapore is one of the world's most vaccinated countries but the unvaccinated remain at risk with every infection surge. Is it time to stop persuading people and consider mandates especially for those without legitimate medical reasons? Could a sharper differentiation of measures for the unvaccinated nudge more to get the shot? And what are the drawbacks of making COVID-19 vaccination…

16/09/2021 32 mins

Heart of the Matter - S2: What are the challenges Singapore faces in shifting to living with an endemic COVID-19?

With one of the world’s highest vaccination rates and the ability to quickly test for COVID-19 infections, some questions were raised this week when the Singapore Government said it would not rule out a circuit breaker as it navigates a path towards opening up further. Is it possible to have a clean, clear exit strategy from the pandemic? And how close is Singapore to being able to live…

09/09/2021 50 mins

Heart of the Matter - S2: Inside the alternate universe of sovereign citizens: What's really going on in their minds?

Penalised for breaking COVID-19 rules and refusing to wear a mask, Benjamin Glynn and Paramjeet Kaur claimed rules are not for "living people" with "sovereign rights". Where did such ideas come from? Are they a nuisance fringe group with little traction, or could there be a more serious undercurrent gathering steam slowly? Tan Ern Ser, Associate Professor of Sociology at NUS and Eugene Tan,…

02/09/2021 23 mins

Heart of the Matter - S2: Malaysia’s great game of coalition party politics and jostling for power amid a pandemic

Malaysian politics has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. With prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob now at the helm, ready to appoint a Cabinet, CNA’s Lin Suling asks ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute’s Dr Francis Hutchinson and Singapore Institute of International Affairs’ Dr Oh Ei Sun: Will the new government survive a confidence vote? Will UMNO seize this chance to redeem itself? What are…

26/08/2021 34 mins

Heart of the Matter - S2: The future of Singapore film – but first, can it survive COVID-19?

Millions have downloaded and streamed movies, plays and sitcoms to survive the pandemic. But what is like on the other side of the screen? Has COVID-19 compromised what the big screen can bring across and shaken up the movie industry? Lin Suling speaks to veteran filmmaker Juan Foo and Kew Lin, a full-time independent filmmaker on the challenges of production, the rise of streaming and how far…

19/08/2021 31 mins