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Heartland Tales

Heartland Tales

This is a showcase which uncovers the untold stories of Singapore’s heartlands. From our history, culture, people and places - there’s a tale to tell at every street and corner.

Heartland Tales - S1E3: Singapore’s 'kopi' culture | EP 3

Long before modern cafés came to Singapore, the fishing village had a thriving coffee culture. Our kopi-o kosong and kopi c have survived for generations and so did the sock, floral porcelain cups and the huge teapot. From housing “kopi girls” to being a veil for illegal activities, our coffeeshops have evolved. CNA938’s Aslam Shah takes a sip of history in this episode of Heartland Tales.…

01/04/2022 05 mins

Heartland Tales - S1E2: The 1994 Malaysia Cup Final | EP 2

Singapore’s final match in the Malaysia Cup is arguably its greatest in history – winning 4-0 against arch-rivals Pahang to become champions. Abbas Saad scored a hat-trick that night in front of a packed Shah Alam stadium with tens of thousands of travelling Singapore fans. Abbas and several die-hard fans relived their experiences with CNA938's Aslam Shah.

24/03/2022 6 mins

Heartland Tales - S1E1: History of ‘Rasa Sayang Re’ | EP 1

The song “Rasa Sayang Re” is familiar to Singaporeans but its origins and even meaning is still being disputed. CNA 938’s Aslam Shah explores the song’s representation in popular media – from a Japanese propaganda film in the 40s to a Bollywood blockbuster in the 60s and what it means to both Singaporeans and Malaysians.

17/03/2022 05 mins