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Money Talks

Money Talks - What stocks should I buy during a recession?

Money Talks - What stocks should I buy during a recession?
05 Sep 2023 07:23AM
23 mins

The big “R” word: Recession. It’s been uttered so many times this year, striking fear in the most seasoned economist. With many signs pointing to a looming recession, is it time to add some resilience to your portfolio? Are there “recession proof” stocks that are worth investing in? On Money Talks, Alvin Chow, CEO and founder of Dr Wealth, charts a path through these uncertain times.

Money Talks - Making the switch on your electricity provider

Ever since the Open Electricity Market (OEM) launched in end 2018, residents in Singapore could choose their preferred OEM retailers and select a price plan that best serves their household needs. But with the sudden exit of several players, is it still best to switch to an electricity retailer or stay with the incumbent provider SP Group? Joel Koh, content manager at Seedly, breaks it down for Andrea Heng on the Money Talks podcast.  


21/08/2023 17 mins

Money Talks - Maximising your CPF: Tips for your 40s

Growing kids, establishing your career and ageing parents. Juggling your forties with an eye on retirement is no easy walk in the park. How do you use your CPF to plan for a tidy nest egg? Christopher Tan, CEO of Providend, shares his insights and experience on Money Talks. 

14/08/2023 27 mins

Money Talks - Maximising your CPF: Strategies for your 20s and 30s

Investing your CPF money when you are in your 20s or 30s - that’s something not many of us think about when we’re younger. But can young people afford to be more aggressive with their CPF investment strategy? Lawrence Tan from the Institute for Financial Literacy gives us his top hacks on Money Talks. 

07/08/2023 24 mins

Money Talks - Should you terminate your investment-linked insurance policy (ILP)?

With a wide range of insurance policies and investment opportunities available in today’s market, should you be looking to buy or even keep your existing investment-linked insurance policy (ILP)? Colin Lai, client advisory lead at MoneyOwl weighs the returns and risks, and tells Andrea Heng what to look out for if you decide to terminate your policy. 

31/07/2023 25 mins

Money Talks - Am I Adulting Right: Can I get rich being a content creator?

Fast cars, glamorous homes, luxurious holidays - some content creators appear to lead a lavish lifestyle that others can only dream of. How much can you really make as a content creator and how do you stand out? Host Elizabeth Neo gets some answers from husband-and-wife duo Jianhao Tan, CEO of Titan Digital Media and Singapore’s top YouTuber, and Debbie Soon, entrepreneur and influencer. “Am I Adulting Right?” is a limited series on the Money Talks podcast.

03/07/2023 31 mins