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Money Talks

Money Talks - S1E7: Why medical insurance is the most important type of insurance you need | EP 7

Money Talks - S1E7: Why medical insurance is the most important type of insurance you need | EP 7
23 Aug 2022 07:42AM
23 mins

Most of us in Singapore are already covered by MediShield Life in case of health emergencies. So do we really need additional medical insurance? It is the first thing you need to buy, says Christopher Tan, CEO of Providend. 

Money Talks - S1E21: Upcoming GST hike: How to manage your money better

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is set to rise from 7 per cent to 8 per cent in January 2023. Household budgets are expected to tighten and spending habits will need to be adjusted. Sumit Agarwal, Professor of finance, economics and real estate at NUS Business School, explains why the GST hike is unavoidable, and what you can do to manage it. 

28/11/2022 24 mins

Money Talks - S1E20: A financial storm is gathering pace: How can you be prepared?

According to the latest OCBC Financial Wellness Index, Singaporeans were worst off in 2022 than 2021 and more have picked up bad habits, like rolling over credit card debt and spending beyond their means. Vasu Menon, executive director of investment strategy at OCBC Bank, shares tips on how you can achieve better financial wellness. 

22/11/2022 21 mins

Money Talks - S1E19: What’s mine is yours … or not? Managing money as a couple | EP 19

Should couples have joint or separate bank accounts?  Tan Siew Lee, Head of Wealth Management Singapore at OCBC Bank, says while it’s important to agree on common financial expenditure and align expectations, couples should also have financial independence. She offers advice on this episode of Money Talks.

14/11/2022 21 mins

Money Talks - S1E18: Are you paying for things you don’t use or need? | EP 18

The answer to this question can only be found if you have a personal budget and take it seriously. Podcaster and finance blogger Junus Eu breaks down how budgeting helps you understand your relationship with money and achieve your financial goals. 

07/11/2022 20 mins

Money Talks - S1E17: Legacy planning is not just for the rich | EP 17

Thinking of what happens when you die and making active plans to manage your assets may seem morbid, but legacy planning is important for everyone with dependents. John Yeo, Lead for Client Advisory, MoneyOwl discusses the need for wills and other aspects of legacy planning. 

31/10/2022 26 mins