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Pyjama Party for 2

Pyjama Party for 2

CNA Lifestyle’s May Seah and local entertainment’s biggest celebrities curl up and get comfy in their pyjamas for intimate chit-chats over video calls, because staying home is the new going out. An episode drops every Sunday — subscribe so you don't miss out. CNA Podcasts can be found on the CNA website and App and on Spotify and iTunes. This podcast was recorded in July 2021.

Pyjama Party for 2 - S1E3: Paige Chua is all about pottery and pole dancing, her newest hobbies

The actress, a self-confessed introvert, has discovered new forms of expression and learned some life lessons by picking up two activities that couldn’t be more different. 

12/09/2021 39 mins

Pyjama Party for 2 - S1E2: Newly engaged Suthasini spills the beans on her top-secret romance

Find out how and why the singer and Vasantham Star winner kept her love life a secret from her parents and the public for nearly seven years. She speaks to CNA Lifestyle’s May Seah.

05/09/2021 34 mins

Pyjama Party for 2 - S1E1: Chantalle Ng geeks out about her newest obsession: Plants

She’s one of Singapore’s fastest rising stars, but young actress Chantalle Ng tells CNA Lifestyle’s May Seah all she really just wants to do is stay home and talk to her plant babies. In this first episode of CNA Lifestyle’s podcast, Pyjama Party for 2. 

29/08/2021 44 mins