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SG Stories

SG Stories

Everyone has a story... and Eugene Loh enjoys unearthing and learning from the backgrounds and experiences of less well-known people in Singapore. Join him for these candid and spontaneous conversations on "Singapore Stories".

SG Stories - S1E7: Low Kah Meng, former Defence Engineer

Despite being a trained engineer, Low Kah Meng now spends his retirement learning all he can about Singapore’s culture and history. He has spent more than a decade as a docent in museums, he conducts heritage tours in the Kreta Ayer region, and is even learning Cantonese opera from a legendary doyenne! He shares his story with CNA938’s Eugene Loh, beginning with how his father provided for the

17/08/2022 1 hr 6 mins

SG Stories - S1E6: Bramsha Osman, Centre for Fathering volunteer

He’s an award-winning public servant and father of five who makes time to volunteer at the Centre for Fathering, under the movement Bapa Sepanjang Hayat (or “Dads For Life” in Malay). Bramsha Osman explains why he feels it is important to reach out to fathers in prison, and outlines his plans to hone his counselling skills.

10/08/2022 37 mins

SG Stories - S1E5: History-making violinist Tang Tee Khoon used to play for then President Ong Teng Cheong

She’s a virtuoso violinist who’s well known for her epic, history-making shows like performing all 10 of Beethoven’s violin sonatas over two evenings! Named one of the 40 under 40 faces to watch by Prestige Singapore and The Peak Power List 2021 Next Gen Women, Tang Tee Khoon is also the second-ever violinist to be awarded the loan of a J.B. Guadagnini violin c. 1750 by the National Arts Council

03/08/2022 1 hr 07 mins

SG Stories - S1E4: Using theatre to help people in the community - Peggy Ferroa

Peggy Ferroa uses theatre to help people in the community (especially senior citizens, inmates and ex-offenders) transcend their physical and mental cages, and build new relationships with themselves, their community, and their audience. Her plays have been featured at various local and international festivals, such as the Singapore International Festival of Arts, Japan’s World Gold Theatre

27/07/2022 32 mins

SG Stories - S1E3: Sports & NS saved his life! - Siva Gopal Thaiyalan

An educator of more than 20 years, Siva Gopal Thaiyalan came from a background of abject poverty and very limited resources, but sports and national service saved his life! He’s also spent the last three years as Senior Lecturer and Head of the Adult Learning Programme at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), and is passionate about youth development and educational transformation.

20/07/2022 37 mins