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Work It

Work It - Wired Differently: Managing dyslexia in a job with lots of reading and writing

Work It
11 Sep 2023 07:14AM
26 mins

Having dyslexia hasn’t stopped AI ethicist Chan Pui Yan from holding down a job that requires extensive reading and writing to help craft policies. Coupled with dyslexia, she also has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). On the third episode of the limited series Wired Differently, she tells senior journalist Grace Yeoh about her struggles with coming to terms that she’s neurodivergent, and how she has learnt to tap into her natural strengths. 

Work It - Wired Differently: Should you disclose if you have autism?

In a new limited series, CNA’s senior journalist Grace Yeoh gets the personal stories of neurodivergent people in the workplace. In this episode, she speaks with Wesley Loh, a tax associate, about how his autism presents itself at work and how he navigates workplace relationships.

27/08/2023 34 mins

Work It - The Leader’s Chair: SAP’s Verena Siow on overcoming imposter syndrome

In our final installment of our special series, the Leader's Chair, Crispina Robert and Adrian Tan speak to Verena Siow, Southeast Asia president and managing director at SAP, one of the world’s leading technology companies. She talks about her unconventional journey - including leaving university to follow her boyfriend to Budapest - and why she feels women have imposter syndrome more than men.

20/08/2023 25 mins

Work It - The Leader’s Chair: Jorgen Rostrup of Telenor Group on saying ‘yes’ to new challenges

How many people can boast about working in a jail, pulling a business out of Myanmar at the height of a military coup and negotiating a US$20 billion merger? Crispina Robert and Adrian Tan speak to Jorgen Rostrup, executive vice-president of Telenor Group, in the limited series The Leader’s Chair. 

14/08/2023 35 mins

Work It - The Leader's Chair: Singtel's Aileen Tan on an unforgettable lesson as a young manager

Singtel Group's chief people & sustainability officer Aileen Tan was a young management executive in charge of a small team and followed the book on what it meant to be a boss. It didn't go well. She shares the leadership lessons she learnt, how she handles a double portfolio and how nearly 40 per cent of Singtel’s workforce was retrained in new skills. 


06/08/2023 30 mins

Work It - The Leader's Chair: NUS President Tan Eng Chye on university rankings and morning walks with staff

NUS President Tan Eng Chye takes the seat on this episode of The Leader’s Chair. He tells hosts Adrian Tan and Crispina Robert what the future of university education looks like, why he invites staff for morning walks and how he deals with difficult situations. 

30/07/2023 37 mins