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Work It

Work It

Work doesn't have to be a grind, it can be empowering, uplifting and purposeful. Adrian Tan helps navigate issues related to the corporate life - from minefields to management, in this weekly podcast.

Work It - S1E20: How to negotiate a salary increase

We all want more money but how can we strike a balance between getting more and being realistic? What are the dos and don'ts, and how can you find out what you're worth? Career coach Samantha Ng breaks it down in this episode. 

27/11/2022 29 mins

Work It - S1E19: Is it time to rethink annual leave entitlements?

Unlimited leave, medical leave without proof or even sabbaticals for staff who’ve clocked several years on the job. These are some new leave policies companies are adopting not just to draw talent but keep them. David Setiawan, head of marketing at JobStreet says the trend on leave entitlements is changing.

20/11/2022 24 mins

Work It - S1E18: What you need to make a career switch to the tech industry | EP 18

While there seems to be a chill on the tech sector with news of job losses, a career in the tech industry can be a lucrative one. Can anyone make the switch easily? What kind of skills do you need and do you have to be tech savvy in order to get in? Our guest Janani Chandran, senior product and program manager for Rakuten Asia, gives practical tips in this episode. 

13/11/2022 26 mins

Work It - S1E17: Can you have depression and still thrive at work? | EP 17

Should you tell your manager you have a mental health condition? How should company policies close the gap with meaningful mental health practices on the ground? Co-founder of Calm Collective Asia Sabrina Ooi who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is our guest on this episode.  

06/11/2022 33 mins

Work It - S1E16: What happens when you lose your job | EP 16

While retrenchment numbers have fallen since record highs during COVID-19, the turmoil in some sectors of the economy continues. What happens to a person when they are told to leave? Leadership coach Steven Lock gives an unvarnished look at the emotional and financial toll retrenchment takes and how it can be a big impetus for change.

30/10/2022 32 mins