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BC-WELL-KIDFLUENCERS-JUNK-FOOD-ART-NYTSF — Popular YouTube channels often bombard young children wi

Are popular YouTubers influencing our children with hidden junk food ads?

Studies show that children are unable to distinguish between commercials and cartoons until they are eight or nine years old.

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

An estimated 30-odd per cent of restaurant revenue goes to hiring.

For F&B outlets, COVID-19 is a wake-up call. Here are seven changes they can make

A bloated restaurant scene and a risky business model were among the things that had gone wrong with the pre-pandemic F&B sector.


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Plant theft is not just a real and growing issue in Singapore but a fairly common occurrence all over the world, affecting scores of individuals, organisations, businesses and public parks.

Cherie Tseng discusses the phenomenon of plant-stealing and why it is wrong

Gardening shears
Commentary Commentary: Stop stealing my plants!
Muhyiddin also bypassed UMNO by refusing to appoint a Deputy Prime Minister, which would have most likely gone to an UMNO politician, opting instead to appoint four senior ministers.

Despite holding a sizable number of seats in parliament, UMNO finds its influence in Malaysian politics waning, says Professor James Chin

(kd) Muhyiddin-Zahid
Commentary Commentary: UMNO’s in no shape to play kingmaker in Malaysia
I once lauded boundless freedom and autonomy, a “family” company culture, and cool perks, only to realise too much of a seemingly good thing can be a very bad thing. 

Grace Yeoh points out what millennials look for in work culture and that may not be what employers provide

Transforming organisations with a suite of scalable solutions to support new workplace norms
Commentary Commentary: Call me a strawberry millennial, but being passionate doesn’t mean I’m willing to be exploited
Not since the Cold War have politicians been so interventionist, when trading with partners behind the 'Iron Curtain' was outlawed.

IMD Business School's Professor Patrick Reinmoeller argues that politics has become one of the biggest challenges for businesses around the world.

Election 2020 Trump
Commentary Commentary: Politics used to create the stability needed for business growth. That has now changed
While the RGL will not immediately lead to an opening of regular business or general travel, it will build confidence and the processes needed to gradually pave the way for limited tourist travel.

Analysts at RSIS highlight the benefits of opening up the Reciprocal Green Lane between Indonesia and Singapore

Passengers arriving from Batam, Indonesia, pass a temperature screening station at the Singapore Cr
Commentary Commentary: Why the Singapore-Indonesia reciprocal green lane is necessary
Consequently, now the ball is in the court of the protesters, whose leaders have threatened to 'further escalate' their protests until all their three demands are fully met. 

Protestors currently demonstrating in Thailand will find that the government may not fulfill any of their demands, says Dr Termsak Chalermpalanupap

People show the three-fingered salute during a protest, in Bangkok
Commentary Commentary: Will anxious Thai protesters wait for a new constitution?

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