7 injured in second Spain car rampage: Authorities

7 injured in second Spain car rampage: Authorities

BArcelona attack
The van which ploughed into the crowd, killing at least 13 people and injuring around 100 others is towed away from the Rambla in Barcelona on Aug 18, 2017. (Photo: AFP)

MADRID: Six civilians and one police officer were hurt when a car drove into people in the Spanish seaside resort of Cambrils early Friday (Aug 18), the regional government said, just hours after a similar deadly attack in nearby Barcelona which has so far left 13 people dead.

Police shot four of the attackers dead and a fifth later died of injuries, saying they were "working on the hypothesis that the terrorists shot dead in Cambrils could be linked to what happened in Barcelona". Some of the Cambrils attackers wore what looked like explosive belts, police added. 

The Audi A3 car rammed into people on the seaside promenade of the tourist city 120 kilometres south of Barcelona, where a van had earlier sped into a street packed full of tourists, killing 13 people and injuring around 100 others.

One of the injured in Cambrils is in critical condition, emergency services said.

"The alleged terrorists were in an Audi A3 and apparently knocked down several people before coming across a police patrol and a shoot-out ensued," said a spokesman for the regional government of Catalonia, where both Barcelona and Cambrils are located .

It also confirmed the incident, which police had earlier qualified, as a "possible terrorist attack."

Markel Artabe, a 20-year-old restaurant worker, said he was on the seaside promenade when he heard what he initially thought were fireworks, but soon realised were gunshots.

He said he saw someone lying on the ground "with a gunshot in the head". The victim's friends were crying out "help", he added.

Joan Marc Serra Salinas, a 21-year-old waiter, said he heard many gunshots.

"And shouting. And more shouting. I jumped onto the beach and didn't move," he said.

Catalan emergency services said on Twitter that people in Cambrils, which is on the coast, should "stay home, stay safe." 

Catalan police later issued a statement that the situation in Cambrils was under control following the killing of the suspected terrorists. 

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