A boost for fatigued drivers

A boost for fatigued drivers

The I-VUE D10 monitoring device helps drivers stay alert, because one life lost is one too many

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Some drivers overlook the importance of a good night's sleep, sometimes with potentially deadly consequences. Photos: Shutterstock, Wow! Gadgets

Driver fatigue is an often overlooked but serious road safety concern that has potentially deadly consequences. A recent Channel NewsAsia report cited a study in the United States which found that a lack of sleep could pose as much of a risk to drivers as alcohol consumption, while driver fatigue has been cited as a possible cause in some accidents.

According to the US’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving claimed 824 lives in 2015. In the same year, there were 90,000 motor vehicle crashes involving drowsy driving.

Distracted drivers are another cause for concern. A Channel NewsAsia report listed a failure to keep a proper lookout as one of the top three causes of fatal accidents between Jan 1 and April 25 this year.

With such sobering statistics, increased road vigilance has become a priority. Driver monitoring devices like the I-VUE D10 can help make a life-saving difference to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.


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Developed by Korean company TreeEarth, the I-VUE D10 Driver Monitoring System (DMS) can be mounted onto a car’s dashboard, in front of the driver.

Weighing 60g, the compact device tracks the driver’s pupils and face in real time. The area of coverage extends 90 degrees to the left and right of the driver’s face and 30 degrees above and below.

If the device detects that the driver’s eyelids are closing or if it notices long periods of distraction, it will alert the driver using an alarm and LED warnings.

If the driver still displays signs of drowsiness, the alarm’s volume and intensity increases. Optional seat belt and seat cushion attachments that vibrate can also be used.

The system is designed to work in a variety of lighting conditions – during the day and night, and even inside tunnels. Lens filters help minimise the effect of reflections when a driver is wearing spectacles or sunglasses, so the system is still able to track head and eye movements.


TreeEarth sees the I-VUE D10 as a step in ensuring driver vigilance, and it already has plans to integrate the DMS with a mobile network for added connectivity, as well as develop add-ons to existing systems such as dash cams and GPS (global positioning system) devices.

I-VUE CEO Go Kyeong-Tae said that the company had taken into consideration comprehensive advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and application expansions during its product planning and development stage.

With a clear view ahead in his company’s vision to enable safe driving behaviour, such devices could help drivers enjoy a much smoother – and safer – ride.

Wow! Gadgets is the sole distributor of the I-VUE D10 in Singapore and Malaysia. Visit wowgadgets.com.sg for details.