Experience the regal heritage of The Dalmore

Experience the regal heritage of The Dalmore

Enjoy 100 years of aged perfection encapsulated in a luxury whisky flight reserved only for the few

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Photos: The Dalmore

From being gifted the 12-point stag emblem by a king to crafting some of the world’s most iconic whiskies, the coveted Dalmore experience can be encapsulated in one word – privilege. Every process of making this luxury single malt is velvet-lined with unwavering dedication. And yet this attention is not stubborn to convention – the founders’ lineage guarantees that every whisky’s unique characteristics becomes a bold statement of artistry.   

Sharing The Dalmore with the people who matter to you can produce moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. The Dalmore’s revered status marks every glass as an extravagant outing, delivering hallmarks of an exceptional maturation process. 


A Royal stag adorns every bottle with its rich and iconic heritage. But it is master distiller Richard Paterson who has carefully crafted the signature complex and smooth house style, helped in part by the use of rare and exclusive casks. Wooden washbacks, which have been used in the distillery since 1839, help ensure that The Dalmore has a complex and rich new-make spirit.

The secondary maturation in sherry casks from Gonzalez Byass shows the special relationship The Dalmore has enjoyed with the distinguished label. To date, The Dalmore remains the only distillery in the world to use select 30-year-old Matusalem Oloroso Sherry casks, all hand-picked by Paterson. The densely-flavoured wood imparts exceptional notes of crushed almonds, cinnamon, ginger and citrus, while the treasured American white oak bestows a profile of vanilla, spice, honey and tropical fruits.

This multi-stage maturation process made The Dalmore industry pioneers, and although many have tried to imitate this, none have succeeded.

Likening every whisky to a person, Paterson looks after every cask with the attention of a parent to achieve the distinctive formulas only The Dalmore enjoys.


All this just means that every sip of the luxury whisky is one of legendary depth and finesse. Paterson’s legacy is demonstrated in every tipple’s multi-barrel journey. It is unique to every batch, and the years allow more expressions to come through, as the master harmonises anything from Madeira barrels to Cabernet Sauvignon wine barriques.

In an exclusive opportunity, The Dalmore presents a 100-year-old flight of three rare bottling – precious enough on its own, but almost mythic in this assembly, comprising a 25 Year Old, 35 Year Old, and 40 Year Old.

From the principal collection, the 25-year-old – which is US$1,300 (S$1,800) and limited to 1,000 bottles per year – starts in the signature American white oak ex-bourbon before splitting to hand-sourced Palomino Fino sherry butts and 1980 first-fill bourbon casks. Its final notes comes from Tawny Port pipes from Portugal. Expect a fruity blossom rounding to a sweeter body, before descending into a chocolatey finish.

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The Dalmore 35 – which is US$4,515 and limited to 1,000 bottles per year – is bottled in a bespoke crystal decanter created by the artisans of Baccarat, the prestigious French crystal house. Standing proud on the decanter is The Dalmore’s iconic emblem,  the 12-point Royal Stag, which has been created by leading Scottish silversmiths, Hamilton & Inches.

The whisky offers a rich and balanced expression, flowing through complexity of tart fruits, rich chocolate and coffee body, and the presence of spice and nuts. Said Paterson: “It took careful maturation in three different woods over a 35-year period to release this whisky’s full potential.”

Crowning the flight is The Dalmore 40 – which costs US$7,500. Production is limited to just 750 bottles per year. It lists a more straightforward maturation, ripening by moving between ex-bourbon and Matusalem sherry casks, before finishing in first-fill bourbon barrels. The Dalmore 40 offers numerous aromas – think rich Colombian coffee, sweet sultanas, fresh dates and old English marmalade – to enthrall the senses. On the palate, expect gingerbread, molasses, maple syrup and brioche dipped in Manuka honey.

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There are very few moments that can claim primacy in one’s life, but being able to indulge in The Dalmore and its heady variety of exquisite textures and rich flavours is surely one of those occasions.

Become one of those in the know. Experience The Dalmore 100-year-old Flight at The Cooperage whisky bar at 42 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059681.