Tiger District Elections: Beer pride manifested

Tiger District Elections: Beer pride manifested

Tiger Beer wants to amp up local flavour with Singapore-specific bottle designs. But that design decision – like a good mug of beer – lies in your hands.

Tiger Beer district bottles
Tiger Beer aims to stir up local pride with customised district designs. Photos: Tiger Beer

There’re plenty of uniquely Singaporean things to take pride in, but what would be your choice? While shophouse architecture and Singaporean dishes get rampant support, other genres seem to fare better overseas before taking root back on home soil. But if there’s one thing we know – all Singaporeans love a good design.

Tapping into this for its “Tiger Born in Singapore Campaign”, the homegrown beer is seeking to inspire Singaporeans with iconic beer bottle artwork that represents our unique culture and identifiable landmarks, tagged by district.


Rallying the community to go fresh and support local, Tiger Beer’s District Elections lets people vote for the district to earn decoration on the next Tiger Beer bottle. Just imagine the best icons of Singapore emblazoned on a cold bottle of the local fresh brew. See Katong’s unique character with Peranakan designs, or have the colourful charm of Little India light up the bottle.

Only four districts will be picked based on the highest number of votes, so every entry counts in representing your pride. To mark your choice, head online to the Tiger District Elections from now till Dec 16 and make your voice heard.


Tiger Beer Tuas District Bottle

In case you’re wondering, you don’t have to vote for the district you live in. Every district has so much appeal, Tiger Beer doesn’t want to hold you back from picking what connects for you.

To kick things off, Tiger Beer has launched the first collectible with an homage to Tuas, where the brewery is housed. An apt choice to pay tribute to the district that has been bottling the nation’s freshest beer for over 80 years.

To augur the festivities, Tiger Beer will be bringing communities and neighbourhoods together over local food, local entertainment and of course, fresh pints of the golden Tiger Beer brew.


So why this need to get local pride going?

According to a recent survey, conducted across six countries in the Asia-Pacific, an average of 68 per cent of beer drinkers named locally-brewed beer as their number one choice. Taste and freshness were two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a brand for all respondents, but patriotism played a part, too.

Japan placed top at a full 100 per cent when asked if choosing a local brand was preferred, but Singapore lagged behind in this. This was surprising given that 74 per cent of Singaporeans listed freshness as a key point when choosing beer. And you should know – it doesn’t get any fresher than this. With a brewery in our own backyard, Tiger Beer has been achieving brewery-to-lip beer in less than two weeks.

With the Tiger District Elections, Tiger Beer is ready to stir up more local pride with the customised district designs.


Tiger Beer has been slowly winning hearts over the past 80 years, but you can do more to make it part of our local pride. The only thing to make a beer taste better is to feel its heritage in your hands – especially one that’s so proudly Singaporean. Vote online in the Tiger District Elections till Dec 16 to help Tiger Beer determine which customised district bottle should come next.

The limited-edition Tuas district bottles are available at selected retail locations island-wide and the winning district bottles will be released in 2019.