Encounter Copenhagen’s majesty on wheels or water

Encounter Copenhagen’s majesty on wheels or water

Copenhagen has mastered the knack of blending its environment – both natural and urban – in symbiotic harmony. Take an expedition easily between man-made and natural wonders, moving from bike bridges to meandering canals. Begin your exploration with Singapore Airlines.

Denmark Nature Lead Image
Queen Louise's Bridge is a popular hangout frequented by tons of cyclists and pedestrians. Photo: Maria Sattrup

Upon setting foot on the Danish capital, you’ll find yourself understanding what “lifestyle” is really all about. The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Copenhagen as the world’s ninth most livable city, and this is largely from the Danish folks’ understanding of the quality of life.

Weaving through the city, you see open vistas and turfs of verdant green. And with the harbour and many canals, one is never far away from the calming element of water. As the sun rolls through the sky, the light play creates endless photo opportunities. The city holds many pockets of nature untampered, where you can go on an adventure that will leave you recharged.


If you didn’t know, Copenhagen is the world’s first official Bike City, as appointed by The International Cycling Union (UCI). And who’s to argue, when there are more bicycles than cars in Copenhagen?

But before you picture a frenetic cloud of cyclists whizzing by, let it be known that the progressive city planning has created a system that’s the envy of others. As much as it is a healthy, sustainable and convenient way to commute, it is more than that. Cycling around Copenhagen offers access to scenic places and is one of the best ways to explore the city with ease.

Cycle across the bridge of Havnebadet Fisketorvet. Photo: Copenhagen Mediacenter

One such example are the bike bridges. From The Circle Bridge with views of the harbour to The Bicycle Snake flying above the waters, cyclists benefit from a unique vantage point. The humble bicycle can also take you past striking colourful streets and neighbourhoods, as well as the urban space Superkilen in Norrebro. And if you go a little furthur out, you may even find yourself in the sprawling misty reserve of Kalvebod Faelled about 8km away. With bicycles for rent at most accommodations, and even electric rental ones managed by the city widely available, there’s no excuse. So go on, be a Biking Viking.

Copenhagen is a wonderful city to explore on a bicycle. Video: Visit Copenhagen


Some of the best cycling routes take you through the wonderful area of the Copenhagen harbour, and if waterside activities appeal to you, you’re in for a treat. Named the Harbour Circle, this area promises 13km worth of activities and sights, from landmark architecture to canal residences.

Other than biking through the unique bridges, one can get up-close to the canal with boat tours or kayaking options. Whether you’re floating past the Royal Danish Opera House or sidling up to the harbour bath of Sluseholmen, the tour will no doubt be punctuated by happy Danes jumping into the waters for a dip.

And just as it is with the world-famous cuisine, meet New Nordic wellness in the form of CopenHot. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a wood-heated sauna with a view, or relax with a good soak in a floating hot tub in the harbour. Rustic or stylish, there’s an option for every budget.


If the bug has bitten, then go all of two hours south of Copenhagen to Mons Klint to fulfil the ultimate nature day trip out – these cliffs are jaw-dropping picturesque.

Denmark Mons Klint
Mons Klint offers visitors a perfect view of the Baltic Sea. Photo: Emilie Ristevsk

The dramatic chalky sides plummet in graceful swoops into the milky blue waters, and topped with a lush ancient forest that changes with the seasons, it’s a scenic paradise. This is where the white beaches deliver a twist, because what you’re walking on are 70-million-year-old fossils crushed to sand, and the waters tell a story of Denmark’s natural history.

Go for a dip in the Baltic Sea in summer, or just kayak and trek through the forest during the cooler months. For the spirited, there are aerial-walking and tree-climbing tours to try for a soaring experience in the canopy. There’s even a lighthouse cabin for you to have a romantic night out, or to truly enjoy the starry skies, opt for a stay at the camp – Mons Klint is Scandinavia’s first Dark Sky Park after all, enabling spectacular views with little light pollution.


Denmark Tower
The 45m tall tower in the heart of the forest is the highlight of Camp Adventure. Photo: SydkystDanmark

Denmark’s newest adventure park, Camp Adventure, is also its largest, and has an iconic viewpoint that’s making waves around the world. The park is about an hour’s drive south of Copenhagen and has generated buzz with its hourglass Forest Tower in March earlier this year.

Set in the forest, the tower has a boardwalk that spirals up gradually to a height of 45m, offering a 360 panoramic view of the surrounding greenery. The striking structure is a meditative experience as you ascend slowly up the beech woods, from trunk to canopy and beyond, and visitors can stop at any point to take in the vistas.

Denmark Tower
Spectacular views await at Camp Adventure. Photo: SydkystDanmark

But even before you reach the landmark, you’ll be taken through sections of the forests both old and new, on a 900m-long path that includes optional zipline experiences. You’ll move past lakes, creeks and wetlands in the forest, and the tranquil journey provides exceptional healing for the urbanite with some forest bathing. It’s no wonder this was picked by TIME Magazine as one of the world’s best 100 places to visit in 2019.

SIA plane

An expedition in Copenhagen and beyond is a mix of woodland whimsy, breezy city cycling, and the calming presence of canals, cliffs and the ocean. There is no better way to begin your adventure than with Singapore Airlines (SIA). It offers over 1,800 on-demand entertainment options on Krisworld as well as attentive service from the World’s Best Cabin Crew, as voted by Skytrax. Singapore Airlines flies five times weekly to Copenhagen. From Jan 1, 2020, the national carrier will fly daily to the Danish capital. For more details on routes and promotions, visit singaporeair.com.

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