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Anti-government protesters sleep at an underground car park in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

'Smelly' sewer escape bid by PolyU protesters ends in arrest

Open homes, free rides: The people helping Hong Kong's protesters

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HK rights bill

Hong Kong rights bill clears US Congress, heads to Trump

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thailand elephants rb


Thailand elephants 1

Beasts of burden: Hooks, chains and pain - How Thailand's elephants have become symbols of despair

In the first part of a series looking at Thailand's changing relationship with its elephants, CNA explored how the animals are ...

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CNA insider

Millennials vs seniors: Singapore's generation gap

Is this what a generation gap means? Millennials and elders sit down to watch a few videos - and discover their differences in ...

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China plans to add more drugs to price-slashing bulk-buy program

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