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FILE PHOTO: A senior pilot of Lion Air Group points at the control computer during a routine practi

Indonesia says situation facing crew of doomed Lion Air jet not in flight manual

Indonesian investigators said on Monday more training was needed for Boeing 737 MAX pilots after discovering the situation believed to have faced ...

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North Korea missile

North Korea hiding missile bases, US researchers say

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sulawesi earthquake


Lende Tovea Palu Sulawesi quake survivors main pic

At Sulawesi quake’s epicentre, survivors struggle to survive with limited aid

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CNA insider

End of cheap sugar cane juice? The price hike explained

Attention all sugar cane juice lovers - have you noticed that the price of your favourite thirst-quencher has increased? Raw ...

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Australian Lawrence of the "Bali Nine" drug ring sits in a wheelchair before undergoing a

First of 'Bali Nine' drug mules to return to Australia - media report

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