2 die in Indonesia after using 'lice remedy'

2 die in Indonesia after using 'lice remedy'

Head lice medicine
File photo of a lice comb. (Photo: Community Hygiene Concern, Joanna Ibarra via Wikimedia Commons)

JAKARTA: Two sisters in central Java, Indonesia died from poisoning on Sunday (Aug 27) after their mother applied head lice medication on them. 

Akhir Rutiyani, 35, had applied the solution on the heads of nine-year-old Qaulan Shakila, four-year-old Khamila and 12-year-old Klarissa. She also used it on herself. 

According to local media reports, Qaulan and Khamila died at the Pandan Arang Hospital in Boyolali, where Akhir and Klarissa remained in critical condition. 

Boyolali police were cited as saying that Akhir had received the medication from a neighbour. 

A family member rushed all four to hospital when they became giddy and started vomiting some time after the solution was applied. 

Police investigations revealed the "medicine" was in fact a potent diazinon insecticide stored in a dye bottle. 

Source: Bernama/hs