2 planes nearly collide at Jakarta airport

2 planes nearly collide at Jakarta airport

JAKARTA: Two planes nearly collided on Sunday (Jun 18) at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesian authorities confirmed on Monday.

Garuda Indonesia flight GA425, flying in from Bali, had been cleared to land on a runway after Sriwijaya Air SJ580 had taken off.

However, SJ580 had to cancel its take-off at the last minute due to technical reasons, according to AirNav Indonesia, which controls air traffic.

The Sriwijaya Air plane was heading down the runway but when it was deemed to be travelling too slowly, the pilot aborted take-off. At this time, GA425 was already in position to land, so the control tower had to issue a go-around order for "safety reasons", AirNav Indonesia tweeted.

The Jakarta Post quoted a passenger on board the Garuda flight as saying she saw that her aircraft almost hit a Sriwijaya Air plane on the tarmac.

AirNav Indonesia thanked the Garuda pilots for their quick response to the go-around order. It also thanked SJ580 pilots for immediately informing the control tower of its decision to cancel take-off. 

The incident is being investigated, AirNav said. 

Source: CNA/ek