2-year-old boy in Perak bitten by cobra while asleep: Reports

2-year-old boy in Perak bitten by cobra while asleep: Reports

snake in ipoh
The 2-year-old toddler was bitten by a cobra. (Photos: Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis)  

IPOH: A two-year-old boy was injured after a cobra bit his left hand while he was asleep at his home in Perak on Monday morning (Dec 4).

According to several local reports on Tuesday, Muhammad Izz Fayat Sumardi was bitten at around 7.15am while he was asleep beside his 37-year-old mother. They were lying on a mattress on the floor. 

The toddler's father, Sumardi Chek Had, told Berita Harian that he was just about to fall asleep after returning from night shift at work when he heard his son crying. 

"He was wailing in pain. Then my wife saw that his left palm was bleeding and there were two snake bite marks on it," he said. 

The boy was rushed to hospital while Malaysia's Civil Defence was called in to capture the cobra.

The father told Berita Harian that on the way to the hospital, the toddler's hand turned blue and his body became weak. 

The boy is recovering after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

"Although his entire left hand is now swollen, he is conscious and eating well. Doctor has also informed us his lungs and kidneys are working normally," said the father. 

Source: CNA/am