3 more flu-related deaths in Hong Kong

3 more flu-related deaths in Hong Kong

A nurse vaccinates a patient as part of the start of the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign in
Hong Kong authorities have urged members of the public to get their influenza vaccines. (Photo: Reuters/Eric Gaillard)

HONG KONG: Three more flu patients in Hong Kong died on Wednesday (Jan 10), prompting the Centre for Health Protection to advise people to adopt measures to protect themselves during the cold season in a news release on Friday.  

There were 27 recorded cases of severe flu in adults between Jan 1 and Jan 10. Out of this, 13 of the cases resulted in deaths, according to statistics from the Flu Express, a weekly report by the Centre for Health Protection on local influenza activities. 

Three of the deaths had occurred within the span of a day on Wednesday, said Hong Kong authorities in a press release. 

"It is anticipated that the local seasonal influenza activity will continue to rise in the coming weeks and remain at an elevated level for some time," said the Centre for Health Protection.

It added that the influenza activity had "exceeded the baseline" level. This indicates that Hong Kong has entered its winter influenza season. 

hong kong flu chart
Chart showing Hong Kong's 2018 statistics for flu cases falling above the baseline. (Diagram: Flu Express)

Children and the elderly are also not spared from the flu season.

According to the South China Morning Post, a three-year-old girl was reported on Sunday to be suffering from severe flu and remained in a critical condition on Thursday. 

A total of 72 people from schools, and residential care homes for the elderly and disabled were said to be affected by the flu, according to the Flu Express statistics.

In light of these figures, the Centre for Health Protection urged the public, especially the vulnerable, to wear warm clothes and stay in warm environments.

"We again urge the public, particularly children, the elderly and chronic disease patients, to observe strict personal, hand and environmental hygiene," a spokesman for the CHP, according to news release from the Hong Kong government.

The Flu Express also recommends members of the public to get the influenza vaccines provided under the Government Vaccination Programme. 

Source: CNA/aa