30 new electric cars damaged by children who used them as 'bumper cars'

30 new electric cars damaged by children who used them as 'bumper cars'

Damaged electric car in china
One of the new electric cars that were damaged. (Photo: Chongqing police/Thepaper.cn)

CHONGQING: A 10-year-old boy in southwest China, who found the ignition keys in more than 30 new electric cars, led a group of children to play "bumper cars" in a parking garage, causing extensive damage.

The repairs ended up costing more than 200,000 yuan (US$31,000), according to a report from China's The Paper on Wednesday (Jan 24).

The police received a report in early January from a Chongqing car dealer that more than 30 cars parked in its garage were damaged.

After investigations lasting a week, they found the group of children, including the 10-year-old ringleader, known by the pseudonym Xiao Yu in The Paper.

Xiao Yu informed police that he liked going to the garage to play and discovered that the cars were unlocked and the keys were in the ignitions. He took one car for a test drive, having learned how to drive a vehicle from observing adults behind the wheel. 

He then invited a few of his friends to join him and taught them how to drive. The word spread and other children started joining them.

They then "invented" a new way of driving the cars - having a game of "bumper cars". This caused damage such as scratches and dents on the cars but none of the children were injured, the report said.

According to The Paper, the group of children expressed regret over their actions. It also reported that the company is working out compensation with the children's parents.

Source: CNA/ng