Abandoned newborn found with heartrending note in Malaysia

Abandoned newborn found with heartrending note in Malaysia

TAIPING: A newborn baby boy was found abandoned in the Malaysian town of Taiping in Perak on Christmas Day, with a note to the finder to take care of the baby.

Taiping district police acting chief Superintendent Razlam Ab Hamid said the infant, who weighed about 2kg to 2.5kg, was found next to a flowerpot in front of a woman's house on Monday (Dec 25) at 2.15am. He said the woman’s son, who had just returned home, heard a baby’s cry before finding the infant wrapped in green curtain fabric and placed on the floor.

"The witness found the baby's placenta also wrapped in the same cloth before calling the emergency line 999. An ambulance arrived and took the baby to Taiping Hospital," Razlam said in a statement on Monday.

A note was also left with the baby boy.

"The note reads: ‘Please take good care of this child. Sorry that I had to abandon him. Please auntie and uncle, take care of him as if he is your own. I cannot take care of him. I have come from far with hope for my son’s well-being, let him live happily and do not curse and despise him as an illegitimate child. Please take care of him’,” Razlam said.

The baby's nationality was unknown, but he was said to have been delivered after a full-term pregnancy.

Source: Bernama/ek