Baby in Malaysia suffers kidney failure after abuse by mum's boyfriend: Report

Baby in Malaysia suffers kidney failure after abuse by mum's boyfriend: Report

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Social media acts as a trigger for postnatal depression, as mothers compare themselves to their peers and feel inadequate, experts say.  (Photo: AP images)

KAJANG: A 10-month-old baby in Malaysia was diagnosed with kidney failure after being abused by her mother's boyfriend. 

According to New Straits Times, the baby girl had been punched, had her ear bitten and was flung to the floor by the 25-year-old man who was annoyed by the infant's cries. 

Police were alerted to the case on Friday (Dec 22) when the baby's 21-year-old mother and boyfriend lodged a police report saying that they had found injuries on the baby. 

The report stated that the baby was vomiting and there were bloodstains on her diaper. The man also claimed that they sent the baby to a sitter. 

However, the couple said they doubted that the sitter was responsible for the injuries as she "had taken good care of the baby's two siblings before", reported New Straits Times. 

The couple live together with the woman's two other children aged five and three. 

Doctors at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital carried out checks on the baby's siblings and found old injuries on them, which suggested past incidents of abuse, said Kajang police chief Ahmad Dzaffir Yusoff. 

Police extracted a confession from the man, who admitted that he was the one who had abused the baby, the report said.

“When asked why, (he said) he could not tolerate the baby’s crying,” Mr Ahmad added. 

The couple were detained by police on Dec 24 for an investigation into child abuse and will be remanded until Dec 27. 

Source: CNA/ad