CCTV video allegedly shows Kim Jong Nam's 'assassination'

CCTV video allegedly shows Kim Jong Nam's 'assassination'

A video has emerged which purportedly shows the assassination of Kim Jong Nam at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Kim Jong Nam screengrab

SINGAPORE: A CCTV footage has emerged allegedly showing the moment when Kim Jong Nam was attacked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

The half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was murdered at KLIA on Monday (Feb 13) morning after two women attacked him at the departure area of budget terminal KLIA2.

The video shows a woman clad in a white T-shirt putting her arms around his face from behind, before walking away. The footage goes on to show Kim Jong Nam approaching airport employees for help, gesturing to them that someone had sprayed his face.

According to police, Kim Jong Nam complained to the customer service desk that two women had "wiped his face with a liquid".

Kimg Jong Nam approaching the desk

Kim Jong Nam (dressed in light grey, with bag) approaches airport employees to report that he had been attacked. (Screengrab: CCTV footage)

Kim Jong Nam, 45, was believed to have been in Malaysia on a passport bearing the name Kim Chol, a known alias, according to South Korean media.

Malaysia's deputy prime minister on Thursday confirmed that the man who was killed at a Kuala Lumpur airport on Monday was Kim Jong Nam, the estranged sibling of Kim Jong Un, referring to the passports carried by the man.

North Korea had wanted Malaysia to release the body without a post-mortem. Malaysia rejected this request, completing the post-mortem on Wednesday.

Malaysian police told Channel NewsAsia it would not release Kim Jong Nam's body to anyone until a DNA sample is obtained from a family member and investigations are completed.

Source: CNA/rw