Hospital staff in China take turns to perform CPR for 5 hours to keep 8-year-old boy alive

Hospital staff in China take turns to perform CPR for 5 hours to keep 8-year-old boy alive

Changzhou Hospital boy 1
Hospital staff members battled for more than five hours to save the life of an 8-year-old boy. (Photo: Changzhou Children's Hospital)

CHANGZHOU, Jiangsu: Medical staff at Changzhou Children's Hospital battled for more than five hours to keep an 8-year-old boy alive after his heart stopped.

The boy, Xiao Yu, was admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit on the evening of Sep 20 with fulminant myocarditis - an inflammation involving the muscular tissue of the heart, the hospital said in a press release.

Xiao Yu's condition improved after treatment, but he deteriorated rapidly the next morning and went into cardiac arrest. The team managed to intervene, but doctors decided Xiao Yu needed extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) treatment.

The treatment required special life-support equipment from a hospital in Shanghai that will help to oxygenate the patient's blood. 

While the boy was waiting for a team from Shanghai to arrive, his blood pressure plummeted, his heart stopped and he stopped breathing.

Hospital staff jumped into action, with "everyone rotating non-stop" to carry out chest compressions, according to the hospital.

About 30 medical staff were mobilised to take turns and carry out the chest compressions and preserve Xiao Yu's life, said the hospital. 

They took turns to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation for about two minutes each, carrying on for more than five hours until the team from the Shanghai hospital arrived.

"Even if there was just a sliver of hope, we had to try our best," said Lee Ya Min, the hospital's deputy head of the pediatric intensive care unit in an interview on Chinese media.

The next day, Xiao Yu's father sent a message to friends and asked them to forward it to the staff members at Changzhou Children's Hospital.

Written by Xiao Yu, the message thanked the medical staff at the hospital for their efforts.

"Thank you for your strength, I would like to come back and thank all the people who helped me," he wrote.

Source: CNA/nc(hm)