China says Hong Kong election delay 'necessary and reasonable'

China says Hong Kong election delay 'necessary and reasonable'

Hong Kong is supposedly guaranteed certain freedoms and autonomy in a "One Country, Two
The flags of China and Hong Kong. (Photo: AFP)

HONG KONG: China said Friday (Jul 31) it supported Hong Kong's decision to delay legislative elections for a year because of a surge in coronavirus cases, a move that has infuriated democracy supporters.

"It is very necessary, reasonable and legal," the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council said in a short statement.

"The central government fully understands and supports it."

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said earlier on Friday that elections for the city legislature will be postponed from Sep 6 due to a spike in coronavirus cases, dealing a major blow to the city's pro-democracy opposition. 

The new date has been set for Sep 5, 2021.

Lam said the decision was the hardest choice she had made in the last seven months, but said it was aimed at safeguarding people's health.

The decision is supported by the central government, she added.

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