Chinese doctor dies from stroke after working 18 hours: reports

Chinese doctor dies from stroke after working 18 hours: reports

Dr Zhao resuscitation efforts
Efforts to resuscitate Dr Zhao failed. (Photo: WeChat)

A 43-year-old doctor from China reportedly died of a stroke after working non-stop for 18 hours. 

Dr Zhao Bianxiang, who was the deputy director of the Department of Respiratory Care at the Yuci District Hospital in Jinzhong, Shanxi, collapsed in front of a patient while making her rounds. 

According to Shanxi Evening News, Dr Zhao began working at 6pm last Thursday (Dec 28) and passed out at noon on Friday. She had no breaks in between.

The report said that right before collapsing, Dr Zhao was checking on an elderly patient. Her last words, to the patient's daughter, were "how's your mum?".

Dr Zhao Bianxiang
Dr Zhao collapsed after suffering a stroke while doing her rounds. (Photo: WeChat)

She was pronounced dead on the morning of Dec 30, after resuscitation efforts that lasted 20 hours failed.

She apparently suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage - a type of stroke which is caused by bleeding on the surface of the brain.

Dr Zhao was described as a workaholic who always provided help when asked. A colleague also said that Dr Zhao had mentioned that she was too busy to take a break.

The department is usually very busy during winter and had seen an increase in the number of cases, the report said.

Dr Zhao leaves behind her elderly parents, who are in their 80s.

Source: CNA/ng