Chinese medical staff exchange blows during surgery: Reports

Chinese medical staff exchange blows during surgery: Reports

Chinese surgery fight
Screengrab from footage of the fight between the medical personnel at the Lankao Central Hospital in Henan province.

BEIJING: A brawl between two medical personnel took place in the midst of surgery in an operating theatre in a hospital in Henan province.

The fight between a man and a woman in surgical gear at Lankao Central Hospital on Friday (May 12), was caught on closed circuit TV.

The footage, which was uploaded on video site Youku, apparently shows them fighting while a patient was lying on the operating table surrounded by other doctors and nurses, the South China Morning Post reported citing Chinese media. 

The exchange appears to have started after the man threw his surgical gloves at the woman's face. She then hit the man, but ended up receiving a series of blows. 

Other medical staff present were seen trying to stop the fight.

The incident is suspected to have been triggered by relationship problems between the two, according to Chinese media reports citing the Lankao county propaganda department, SCMP said.

Police said they are investigating the incident but have declined to reveal the reasons for the fight, the report added.

Police also said that there was no patient in the operating theatre when the fight took place, but online users pointed to the video footage which appeared to show a patient being operated on during the incident.

Source: CNA/mn