Chunk of suspected frozen airline poo lands on village in India: Reports

Chunk of suspected frozen airline poo lands on village in India: Reports

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This frozen ball of human waste fell in a village of  Fazilpur Badlia. (Photo: Gurgaon Police) 

GURGAON, India: Authorities suspect a chunk of ice which landed on a village in India's northern state of Haryana is frozen human waste leaked from an aircraft overhead. 

According to the BBC, the ball of ice which weighed 10 to 12kg, fell on Fazlipur Badli village last Saturday (Jan 20), startling locals.  

The Times of India reported that some villagers thought it was a "priceless celestial object" and kept pieces of it in the fridge. 

Senior official from Gurgaon Vivek Kalia, who inspected the ice ball, told the Times of India: "The heavy mass of ice, which is not associated with any type of rainy weather, suggests there is a possibility it might have fallen as frozen toilet water coming out from some aircraft lavatory. 

"There are a number of air routes in this area." 

Kalia also stressed that the projectile was "definitely not a meteorological phenomenon" and has sent it to a forensic lab for further testing. 

According to the BBC, the frozen human waste that falls off airplane toilets is often called "blue ice", because of the chemicals added to the toilets to reduce odour and break down the waste.

Frozen human waste "very occasionally" forms around the overflow outlets for aircraft toilets, before falling to earth, the BBC added. 

Source: CNA/am