Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang in Christmas Day car crash in Japan: Reports

Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang in Christmas Day car crash in Japan: Reports

Eric Tsang press conference
Hong Kong star Eric Tsang was involved in a car accident with a top Hong Kong police officer on Tuesday (Dec 25). (Screengrab: APTN)

HONG KONG: Hong Kong celebrity Eric Tsang was involved in a car accident in Japan on Christmas Day, according to Hong Kong media.

The 65-year-old actor was driving a private car in Hokkaido when it collided into a seven-seater carrying a top Hong Kong police officer, Apple Daily reported on Wednesday (Dec 26). The accident happened at about 1pm, the report said.

Li Zhi Heng, director of the Hong Kong police's criminal and security division, sustained a spine injury and had to be airlifted to the hospital for surgery, said Apple Daily.

RTHK added that Li was conscious after the accident, but felt numb in the lower half of his body. It is understood that Li was on holiday with his family at the time of the incident, reported RTHK. 

Tsang and his female companion - whom reports named only as Ms Li, who is in her 40s -  were unhurt.

Tsang's daughter Bowie confirmed through her manager that her father was in an accident.

"My father was indeed in a car accident. He is fine. He called me and our family to let us know he was safe. I did not ask about the details of the accident. Thank you for everyone's concern," Apple Daily cited her as saying.

It is believed the accident took place after one of the cars went out of control. 

The accident took place in Otaru, a port city in Hokkaido, said the South China Morning Post, noting that Otaru recorded 23cm of snow just one day before the accident.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has also released a weather advisory for Otaru, warning of thunderstorms, gale and snow.

According to Apple Daily, Tsang will be tested for alcohol in his blood.

The Hong Kong police have sent officers to Japan following the incident. 

Tsang is a household name in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Chinese-speaking communities around the world. He is known for hosting the Super Trio Series variety show, and for movies like Triad Underworld and Fatal Vacation.

He was accused of sexual misconduct earlier this year, but has denied the allegations.

Source: CNA/aa(aj)